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Subchapter 6. California High School Exit Examination. Article 2. California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) Administration. Permanent Record Information.   

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(a) School districts shall maintain in each pupil's permanent record the following information:

(1) The date on which the pupil took each section of the CAHSEE.

(2) Whether the pupil has satisfied the requirement to successfully pass the CAHSEE for each section or sections of the CAHSEE taken.

(b) The information required by subdivision (a) of this section shall be entered in each pupil's permanent record within 60 days of receiving the electronic data files from the test contractor.

(c) Whenever a pupil transfers from one school district to another, the new district may request the pupil's CAHSEE results as part of the permanent record, pursuant to subdivision (a), in compliance with Education Code section 49068.

Authority cited:

Education Code 33031


Education Code 49068

Education Code 60851

(Register 2010, No. 2.)