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Subchapter 6. California High School Exit Examination. Article 2. California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) Administration. California High School Exit Examination Test Security.   

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(a) Access to the CAHSEE materials is limited to eligible pupils and eligible adult students taking the CAHSEE for the purpose of obtaining a public high school diploma of graduation, and those who have signed the security affidavit or agreements, including employees of a school district directly responsible for administration of the CAHSEE, and persons assigned by a nonpublic school to implement students' IEPs.

(b) To maintain the security of the CAHSEE, all school district and test site coordinators are responsible for inventory control and shall use appropriate inventory control forms to monitor and track test inventory.

(c) The security of the test materials that have been delivered to the school district is the sole responsibility of the school district until all test materials have been inventoried, accounted for, and delivered to the common or private carrier designated by the test contractor.

(d) Once test materials have been delivered to the school district, secure transportation of the test materials within a school district including to nonpublic schools (for students placed through the IEP process), court and community schools, and home and hospital care, is the responsibility of the school district.

(e) No CAHSEE may be administered in a home or hospital except by a test examiner. No CAHSEE shall be administered to an eligible pupil by the parent or guardian of that pupil. This subdivision does not prevent classroom aides from being a test proctor and assisting in the administration of the CAHSEE under the supervision of a test examiner provided that the classroom aide does not assist his or her own child and that the classroom aide signs the Test Security Affidavit as set forth in section 1211.5.

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