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Subchapter 1. Parent Empowerment.Article 1. General Provisions. Parental Notice.   

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(a) The CDE shall create a website for parents and guardians to obtain further information on circulating a parent empowerment petition.

(b) An LEA may create a website that lists the schools in the LEA subject to the provisions of the Parent Empowerment regulations, including enrollment data and attendance boundaries for each school. The web site may also inform parents and legal guardians of pupils how they may:

(1) Sign a petition requesting the school district to implement one or more interventions to improve the school, and

(2) Contact community-based organizations or work with individual school administrators and parent and community leaders to understand the school intervention options and provide input about the best options for the school.

(c) Consistent with the requirements of Section 1116(b)(1)(E) of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 2001 (20 U.S.C. Section 6301 et seq.), on the date the notice of restructuring planning or restructuring status, Program Improvement Year 4 or later, is given pursuant to federal law, the LEA shall provide the parents and guardians of all pupils enrolled in a school in restructuring planning or restructuring status with notice that the school may be eligible for a parent empowerment petition to request a specific intervention pursuant to Education Code section 53300 and shall list the CDE website address created pursuant to section 4800.5(a). This notice, and any other written communication from the school or the LEA to parents or legal guardians of pupils, must meet the language requirements of Education Code section 48985.

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