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Subchapter 1. Parent Empowerment.Article 1. General Provisions. Submission of Petition.   

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(a) Petitioners may not submit a petition until they reach or exceed the 50 percent threshold based on accurate and current enrollment data provided by the LEA. The date of submission of the petition shall be the start date for implementation of all statutory and regulatory requirements.

(b) An exception shall be made for a one-time resubmission opportunity to correct a petition based on errors identified by the LEA, verify signatures after a good faith effort is made by the LEA to do so first, or submit additional signatures. The start date for a resubmitted petition shall be the date it is resubmitted. No rolling petitions shall be accepted by the LEA.

(c) At the time of submission the petitioners shall submit a separate document that identifies at least one but no more than five lead petitioners with their contact information.

(d) The role of lead petitioners is to assist and facilitate communication between the parents who have signed the petition and the LEA. The lead petitioner contacts shall not be authorized to make decisions for the petitioners or negotiate on behalf of the parents.

Authority cited:

Education Code 33031


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(New by Register 2011, No. 43.)