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Subchapter 3. Health and Safety of Pupils. Article 4.5. Administration of Emergency Anti-Seizure Medication by Trained Volunteer Nonmedical School Personnel. Supervision of Trained Volunteer Nonmedical School Personnel in Administration of Emergency Medical Assistance, Including the Administration of Emergency Anti-Seizure Medication, to Pupils with Epilepsy Suffering from Seizures   

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(a) If a school district, county office of education, or charter school elects to participate in the program described in this Article, the licensed health care professional supervising a volunteer nonmedical school employee shall ensure all of the following:

(1) The volunteer nonmedical school employee has completed the required training;

(2) The volunteer nonmedical school employee does not administer an emergency anti-seizure medication until he or she has completed the required training and documentation of completion is recorded in his or her personnel file;

(3) Volunteer nonmedical school employees have ready access to records including identification of eligible pupils, written authorization from the parent, the pupil's health care provider's written instructions, and parent notification to the school that the pupil has been administered an emergency anti-seizure medication within the past four hours on a regular school day;

(4) Volunteer nonmedical school employees report every administration of emergency anti-seizure medication to the school or charter school administrator;

(5) Volunteer nonmedical school employees document the actual administration of emergency anti-seizure medication, including the pupil's name, the name of the medication administered, the dose given, the date and time of administration, the length of the seizure, and observation and action taken after the seizure; and

(6) Volunteer nonmedical school employees review any changes in the pupil's health care provider's instructions with the supervising licensed health care professional.

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(Added by Register 2012, No. 44.)