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Instruction in the Home or Hospital   

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(a) Special education and related services provided in the home or hospital for school age pupils is limited to those pupils who have been identified as individuals with exceptional needs in accordance with section 3030 and for whom the IEP team recommends such instructions or services.

(b) Instructions may be delivered individually, in small groups or by teleclass.

(c) For those individuals with exceptional needs with a medical condition such as those related to surgery, accidents, short-term illness or medical treatment for a chronic illness, the IEP team shall review, and revise, if appropriate, the IEP whenever there is a significant change in the pupil's current medical condition.

(d) When recommending placement for home instruction, the IEP team shall have in the assessment information a medical report from the attending physician and surgeon or the report of the psychologist, as appropriate, stating the diagnosed condition and certifying that the severity of the condition prevents the pupil from attending a less restrictive placement. The report shall include a projected calendar date for the pupil's return to school. The IEP team shall meet to reconsider the IEP prior to the projected calendar date for the pupil's return to school.

(e) Instruction in the home or hospital shall be provided by a regular class teacher, the special class teacher or the resource specialist teacher, if the teacher or specialist is competent to provide such instruction and services and if the provision of such instruction and services by the teacher or specialist is feasible. If not, the appropriate related services specialist shall provide such instruction.

(f) The teacher providing the home instruction shall contact the pupil's previous school and teacher to determine:

(1) The course work to be covered;

(2) The books and materials to be used:

(3) Who is responsible for issuing grades and promoting the pupil when appropriate;

(4) For pupils in grades 7 to 12, the teacher shall confer with the school guidance counselor to determine:

(A) For the hours the pupil has earned toward semester course credit in each subject included in the IEP and the grade as of the last day of attendance;

(B) Who is responsible for issuing credits when the course work is completed:

(C) Who will issue the diploma if the pupil is to graduate.

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(Amended by Register 2014, No. 19.)