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Uniform Measure For Designating Eligible and Participating Schools.   

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The same measures of low-income, educational disadvantagement, and linguistic needs, which shall be chosen by the school district and which may be composites of several indicators, shall be used with respect to all such schools, both to identify eligible schools and, where applicable, to determine the ranking of each school. Acceptable types of data for student identification by category are as follows:

(a) LES/NES students. Measures of the concentrations of LES/NES students in each school site shall be made in accordance with the census required by Section 4304. The numbers determined through this census will be the data used in the intradistrict allocation plan.

(b) Students from low-income families. The 1970 census data on the number of children from low-income families, data on children in families receiving payments under the program of aid to families with dependent children under a state plan approved under Title IV of the Social Security Act and foster children; data concerning children eligible to receive benefits under the National School Lunch Act and data on children residing in homes with low assessed value for a single family residence are acceptable sources. A school district may select any of these data or a combination of such data to determine its count of students from low-income families. However, whatever data are used must be applied uniformly throughout the district and must be clearly identified in the intradistrict allocation plan.

(c) Educationally disadvantaged students. The number of educationally disadvantaged students will be established through the use of general standards for determine student eligibility as discussed in Section 4414 of these regulations. If a school district varies its procedures for such identification from those established to satisfy the requirements of Section 4414, such variation must be described clearly in the intradistrict allocation plan.

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