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Article 6. Allocation Alternatives. General Standards.   

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(a) In general, except as provided in the next sentence, SCE funds must be distributed according to an objective criterion without taking into account the availability or existence of Title I funds and in accordance with subsections (b) through (g). The existence of Title I funds may be taken into account in allocating SCE funds so long as students satisfying the objective criteria for participation residing in Title I eligible areas receive, in the aggregate, the same amount of SCE funds as they would have received if Title I funds were not available.

(b) Students residing in Title I eligible areas who satisfy the objective-criterion must receive assistance under SCE or Title I before any student who does not satisfy the objective criterion.

(c) School districts must ensure that the services provided to all educationally disadvantaged students in greatest need of assistance residing in Title I areas who receive assistance under SCE in lieu of Title I and who would have received assistance under Title I if SCE did not exist, are of the same nature and scope that would have been provided under Title I.

(d) School districts must also ensure that educationally disadvantaged students attending nonpublic schools will be selected for participation in Title I programs according to the Title I procedures for ranking school attendance areas without regard to an exemption to the Title I ranking procedure which allows programs for students residing in certain areas to receive SCE funds in lieu of Title I funds.

(e) Further, all schools which satisfy Section 4410 (pertaining to SCE school eligibility) must be served before any school which does not satisfy Section 4410.

(f) SCE funds must be allocated at a level per participant in Title I eligible areas which is consistent with Section 4416 and that is at least equal to the minimum level per participant used in non-Title I eligible areas.

(g) At a minimum, at least 50 percent of SCE funds must be spent in Title I eligible areas.