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1978-79 Recomputed Revenue Limit for adult Programs Using Schedule BB.   

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The county superintendent of schools shall recompute the 1978-79 revenue limit for adult programs to be used as a base for the 1979-80 revenue limit for each school district in the county providing education for adults, using Schedule BB. Schedule BB shall be completed as follows:

(a) Line A: Report the total 1978-79 adult revenue limit as shown on Line C-9 of Worksheet S (1978-79, dated 10/10/78). (Also the same as Line G, Form K-12-A, 1978-79).

(b) Line B Report the revenue limit adjustments which are included in the base amount reported in Line A, and which must be excluded from the revenue base pursuant to Education Code Section 42237(a)(1). These revenue limit adjustments shall be reported as follows:

(1) Line B-1: Prior year adjustments (reference Education Code Section 42245). Use the amount shown in Worksheet S (1978-79), Line C-4.

(2) Line B-2 Gain or loss from Interdistrict Attendance Agreements (reference Education Code Section 46606(d)). Use the amount shown in Worksheet S (1978-79), Line C-6.

(3) Line B-3 Report the total of these adjustments equal to the sum of the amounts in Lines B-1 and B-2 This amount shall be shown in brackets ( ) if negative.

(c) Line C: Report the total recomputed 1978-79 adult revenue limit prior to adjustment factor, equal to the amounts in Line A minus the amount in Line

NOTE: If the a amount in Line B-3 is negative, add the amount. Positive amounts are subtracted. Report this amount on Schedule B, Line G.

(d) Line D: Report the 1978-79 adjustment factor as shown on Line F of Form K-12-A (1978-79), rounded to six decimal places.

(e) Line E: Compute the 1978-79 reduced adult revenue limit, equal to the amount in Line C times the amount in Line D. Report this amount rounded to the nearest dollar.

(f) Report an adjustment to the adult revenue limit pursuant to Education Code Section 42237(a) (3). This adjustment is equal to the amount of state apportionments received by the district for the State Teachers Retirement System pursuant to Item 316.1 of the Budget Act of 1978 (Chapter 359, Statutes of 1978). Use the adult share of the amount shown on Exhibit C, 1978-79 Recalculated Second Principal Apportionment. This amount includes that portion allocated by the district for adult programs and excluded from Schedule B, Lines L-1a and L-1b.

(g) Line G Report the 1978-79 recomputed adult base revenue limit, equal to the amount in Line E plus the amount in Line F.

(h) Line H: Report the 1977-78 actual recalculated second principal adult average daily attendance. Count all 1977-78 adult attendance except for concurrently enrolled students.

NOTE: This must be the same attendance as shown on Line C-1 of worksheet S (1978-79 dated 10/10/78), unless ADA corrections were processed after that time.

(i) Line 1: Report the recomputed 1978-79 adult base revenue limit per unit of average daily attendance to be used as the base for the 1979-80 revenue limit calculation. This amount is equal to the amount in Line G divided by the attendance in Line H, and shall be reported to two decimal places Use this amount on Schedule S, Line A.

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