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Subchapter 3. Destruction of Records of a County Superintendent. Article 1. General Provisions. Definitions.   

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(a) Records. "Records," as used in this article, mean all records, maps books, papers, and documents of a county superintendent that he is required by law to prepare or retain or which he prepares or retains as necessary or convenient to the discharge of his official duty, except that:

(1) The record, map, book paper, or document shall have been prepared, preserved, or maintained by the county superintendent with respect to a matter of state concern, i.e., a matter dealing directly with the administration and government of the public schools, including, but not being limited to:

(A) Records relating to the county school service fund.

(B) Records relating to any activity financed by the county school service fund.

(C) One exact copy of an original, made by carbon or other duplicating process other than a photostatic or microfilmed copy, when the original is required by law to be filed with another agency.

(D) All other records prepared, preserved, or maintained pursuant to a state statute, except as specified in subsection (2) of this section.

(2) The term does not include the records, maps, books, papers or documents destruction of which is provided for in the Government Code, such as the following

(A) Records relating to county matters, such as expenses and travel costs financed from the county general fund and matters imposed by county ordinance.

(B) Records of a county board of education and of a county committee on school district organization.

(b) Microfilm Copy. "Microfilm" copy means the same as in Section 16022(d), except that the copy was prepared under the direction of the county superintendent.

Authority Cited:

Education Code 1246

(Amended by Register 77, No. 39.)