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Nonpublic, Nonsectarian School and Agency Services. Program Reviews.   

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(a) The SSPI shall conduct a validation review of the nonpublic school prior to an initial conditional certification. An on-site review shall be conducted within 90 days of the initial conditional certification and student enrollment. On-site reviews shall be scheduled at least once every three years thereafter.

(b) The nonpublic school, the contracting LEA, and the SELPA shall be given a minimum of 30 days prior notice before an on-site review.

(c) The person serving as the lead of the review team shall confer with the school administrator at least 48 hours prior to the on-site review to discuss the procedures and the number of days required for the review. The lead of the review team shall identify those persons who are to participate in the on-site review.

(d) Nonpublic schools and nonpublic agencies may be visited at any time without prior notice when there is substantial reason to believe that there is an immediate danger to the health, safety, or welfare of a child or group of children. The SSPI shall document the concern and submit it to the nonpublic school or nonpublic agency at the time of the on-site monitoring.

(e) On-site reviews shall include the following procedures:

(1) an entrance meeting to acquaint the on-site review team with the nonpublic school or nonpublic agency staff and site to discuss the purpose and objectives of the review;

(2) a review and examination of files and documents, classroom observations and interviews with the site administrator, teachers, students, volunteers and parents to determine compliance with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations; and

(3) an exit meeting to provide the nonpublic school or nonpublic agency with a preliminary preview of the on-site review findings, verify compliance and offer technical assistance including how to resolve issues of noncompliance.

(f) The SSPI shall provide the nonpublic school or nonpublic agency, the contracting educational agency, and the SELPA with a written report within 60 days of the on-site review.

(g) The SSPI shall request a written response, within a timeframe to be determined by the SSPI, but in no case to exceed 180 days, to any noncompliance finding that resulted from the on-site review.

(h) The SSPI shall provide a written notification, within 30 days of receipt, to the nonpublic school or nonpublic agency regarding their response to each noncompliance finding.

(i) On-site reviews shall be conducted only by personnel who have been trained by CDE staff to perform such administrative and program examinations.

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(Amended by Register 2012, No. 39.)