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Chapter 2. Pupils Subchapter 4. Statewide Testing of Pupils and Evaluation Procedures Article 5. Alternative Schools Accountability Model Pre-Post Assessments Definitions   

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For the purposes of this article, the following definitions apply:

(a) —êre-post assessment instrument—†is an assessment instrument available for adoption as an indicator of achievement by schools in the ASAM.

(b) —êre-test—†is an initial assessment given no later than 20 instructional days following the pupil's first day of enrollment in the ASAM school.

(c) —êost-test—†is an assessment given after a minimum of 30 days of instruction following the administration of the pre-test.

(d) —ÅSAM test site coordinator—†means the ASAM school principal or other district employee designated by the district superintendent to oversee the acquisition, and the secure distribution, administration, scoring, and reporting of a pre-post assessment instrument at the school site.

(e) —îest Administrator—†means a certificated employee or paraprofessional employee of a school district trained in the administration of a pre-post assessment instrument by the ASAM test site coordinator.

(f) —åong-term student—†is a student who has been continuously enrolled in the ASAM school for a minimum of 90 consecutive school days during the school year.

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