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Subchapter 4. Statewide Testing Of Pupils And Evaluation Procedures. Article 5. Alternative Schools Accountability Model Pre-Post Assessments. Reporting.   

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School districts that have adopted a pre-post assessment instrument as an indicator of achievement for an ASAM school shall submit the following information for each long-term student enrolled in the school.

(a) Local student Identification number (as available).

(b) Test name and form.

(c) Dates pre-post assessment instruments were administered.

(d) Scores on each assessment instrument.

(e) Student demographics:

(1) Date of birth.

(2) Grade level.

(3) Gender.

(4) Language fluency and home language.

(5) Special program participation.

(6) Testing adaptations or accommodations.

(7) Amount of time in school district and in California public schools.

(8) Ethnicity.

(9) Parent education level.

(10) Handicapping condition or disability.

This information is for the purpose of aggregate analyses only.

Districts shall submit the ASAM pre-post assessment instrument results to CDE or its designee by October 28 each year.

Authority cited:

Education Code 33031


Education Code 52052

(Register 2006, No. 21.)