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Homework/Makeup Work   

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Each school principal and staff shall distribute the district homework policy to parents/guardians of children attending the school at the beginning of each school year. The following guidelines are to ensure uniformity in the implementation of the district policy.

Purposes of Homework

Homework assignments shall reflect meaningful educational purposes and to planned to they will serve one or more of the following:

• Develop self-discipline, good study skills, and responsibility

• Provide a variety of ways for students to demonstrate what they are learning.

• Use community resources such as the library for research related to classroom activities and student interests.

• Read and learn for enjoyment.

• Reinforce, practice and review subject matter content previously taught in class.

• Complete unfinished classroom work.

• Provide opportunity to extend learned concepts or skills.

• Link parents/guardians to daily classroom activities and instruction.

• Encourage students to engage in studies which are in depth.

Principal Responsibility

• Work with parents/guardians and teachers to establish a positive learning environment for students.

• Distribute homework policy and procedure to teachers and parents/guardians at the beginning of each school year.

• Review homework policy and establish ongoing strategies for teachers to discuss, refine, and modify homework procedure during the school year to meet the guidelines.

• Monitor homework assignments for quality, amount of time needed and consistency across grade level.

• Provide parents/guardians teachers and students opportunities to evaluate effectiveness and consistency of homework assignments.

Teacher Responsibility

• Communicate homework guidelines and practice to parents/guardian at the beginning of the year, including expectations of parents/guardians for support and assistance.

• Work with parents/guardians to ensure positive learning opportunities.

• Monitor the average time each student spends on homework, including unfinished classroom work, and differentiate assignments appropriately.

• Teach necessary study skills, content knowledge, skills and concepts, supporting students' success.

• Establish and communicate guidelines for long term assignments, monitoring amount of time spent on homework, evaluation procedures, and ways to parent/guardian to communicate concerns or questions.

• Differentiate assignments to meet individual student needs.

• Provide adequate time and support, establishing times before, during or after school when students may get extra help.

• Provide feedback in a timely manner.

• Set clear tasks, expectations and due dates for homework.

Parent/Guardian Responsibility

• Provide a well-lit, comfortable, quiet environment for study.

• Develop with your child a regular homework routine.

• Encourage your child to do his/her best and complete homework independently.

• Provide the necessary supervision, support, and praise to assist your child to be successful in the learning process.

• Contact the teacher if you have concern about the homework assignments, if your child does not bring home assigned work or not enough assigned work, or if your child is consistently spending too much time on homework.

Student Responsibility

• Develop and follow a regular homework schedule.

• Work independently on homework assignments in well-lit quiet area. Seek assistance from parents/guardians, siblings or another student as needed.

• Gather all necessary resources to complete homework assignment and stay focused while working.

• Keep homework assignments in a folder or notebook.

• Record assignments and due dates and clarify if necessary.

• After being absent from school check with teachers about homework assignments and other work to be completed.

School-Site Homework Plan

The principal and staff at each school shall develop and regularly review a school-site homework plan which includes guidelines for the assignment of homework and describes the responsibilities of students, staff and parents/guardians. The plan shall identify all of the following:

1. For each grade level, the amount of time that students shall be expected to spend on homework

2. For each grade level, the extent to which homework assignments shall systematically involve participation by parents/guardians

3. The means by which parents/guardians shall be informed about:

a. Homework expectations

b. How homework relates to the student's grades

c. How best to help their children

4. Techniques that will be taught to help students allocate their time wisely, meet their deadlines and develop good personal study habits

5. The access that students shall have to obtain:

a. Resource materials from the library media center

b. Assistance and/or tutoring through telephone help lines and/or after-school centers

6. The means by which teachers shall coordinate assignments so that students do not receive an overload of homework one day and very little the next

7. For each grade level, the extent to which homework assignments shall emphasize independent research, reports, special reading and problem-solving activities

Makeup Work

The Superintendent or designee shall notify parents/guardians that no student may have his/her grade reduced or lose academic credit for any excused absence when missed assignments and tests are satisfactorily completed within a reasonable period of time. Such notification shall include the full text of Education Code 48205. (Education Code 48980)

(cf. 5121 - Grades/Evaluation of Student Achievement)

(cf. 5145.6 - Parental Notifications)

The teacher of any class from which a student is suspended may require the student to complete any assignments and tests missed during the suspension. (Education Code 48913)

(cf. 5144.1 - Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process)

Time Guidelines

Times are stated as averages for each evening, Monday through Thursday. These times may vary because of individual abilities and study habits, and because of special projects. If a child is consistently working on his/her homework beyond or under the recommended guidelines for that grade level, the teacher and parent/guardian should confer to determine the cause.

K - Parent/Guardian and child together

1 - 20 - 30 minutes

2 - 20 - 30 minutes

3 - 20 - 40 minutes

4 - 20 - 40 minutes

5 - 45 - 60 minutes

6 - 60 - 90 minutes

7 - 90 - 120 minutes

8 - 90 - 120 minutes

With the exception of occasional long term assignments, teachers will not assign homework on weekends in order that the student may participate in family activities.


approved: March 24, 2009 Saratoga, California