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Employee/Volunteer Acceptable Use Of Technology Policy   

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Purpose: The Saratoga Union School District (District) data and telephone network is provided for employees and elected officials to use in support of the educational and communication goals and objectives of the District.

The District network is defined to include the following components:

All end-user/host equipment owned or provided by the District, including but not limited to District computers (including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices);

All hardware components of the network, including but not limited to routers and switches;

All links between end-user/host equipment and the District's network, including both wired and wireless access;

All network protocols (e.g., Internet Protocol, Transmission Control Protocol, CSMA/CD, CSMA/CA)

All applications installed by the District into District-owned or provided hardware, including but not limited to electronic mail and cloud-based services (GAFE,, etc.)

Use of District technology must comply with all provisions of State and Federal law, including the State and Federal Constitutions.

Security and Confidentiality: Users have no expectation of privacy or confidentiality in the use of District technology resources, or in information transmitted by or through the District network. The District may review, monitor and retain data accessed, transmitted or stored on the District network. Neither messages nor files transmitted over the District network can be considered confidential, private, or secure and users should be aware that such messages and/or files could be transmitted and stored outside of the District network, and outside the control of the District and the User.

District Standards: The District maintains general rules and standards for professional behavior and communications, which include:

1. To comply with all the student privacy laws, staff will be responsible for keeping student data protected.

2. Promptly answering all telephone calls on District-issued devices as appropriate

3. Agreeing to check phone and electronic messages on a daily basis during the work week whenever possible

4. Responding to phone and electronic messages in a timely manner.

Using appropriate language and etiquette in communications by being polite and choosing words carefully to avoid misunderstanding (keeping in mind that typed text does not provide contextual clues which convey shades of emotion, irony, sarcasm, or humor)

Users should remember that electronic data, images and voicemail can easily be forwarded by the recipient without the knowledge or control of the sender. Users should compose all messages as if they were intended for public consumption.

Users should bear in mind that electronic mail messages could constitute disclosable public records that the District could be obligated to disclose in response to a request made under the California Public Record Act (Government Code section 6250 et seq.)

Any personal use of technology must be limited in both duration and consumption of computing resources, be consistent with the educational goals and objectives of the Saratoga Union School District and must not interfere with an employee's performance of his/her work duties.

To facilitate the process of tech support, it is recommended that staff backup their data using Google Drive. Google Drive is the District-supported storage system.

In the event of property damage or loss caused by neglect or use outside district business employees will be responsible for paying a deductible of $250 towards cost of replacement or repair.

Services: The Saratoga Union School District makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the service it is providing. The District is not responsible for any damages suffered while using a District account, or any component of the District network. Such damages include loss of data as a result of delays, non-deliveries, mis-deliveries, or service interruptions caused by the District's systems. Use of any information obtained via the District's IT systems is at the user's own risk.

The District is not responsible for restoring any custom configurations implemented by staff or any end-user on any system.

Users of the district's computer network (wired or wireless) and email, should not expect, nor does the district guarantee, privacy for e-mail or any use of district's computer network. The district reserves the right to access and view any material stored on its equipment or any material accessed, transmitted or stored on its computer network.

Terms and Conditions: The following conduct is prohibited during the use of any District technological resources that is used within the scope of conducting business for the Saratoga Union School District:

1. Displaying, sending or posting obscene language, offensive content/messages, pictures, pornography, or content that violates any laws, statutes or regulations prohibiting discrimination or harassment on the basis of any protected category. (These restrictions also apply to use of personal devices or personal networks used on District premises, during District work hours, or to communicate with District employees.)

2. Public posting of personally identifiable student information (photos, names, video, etc) on the Internet without parental written consent

3. Use of technology to urge the support or defeat of any ballot measure or candidate. This includes candidates for the District Board of Education, and ballot measures involving the District, such as parcel taxes or bonds.

4. Harassing, insulting or attacking others

5. Downloading or accessing any content that might disrupt or alter the operation of District technology

6. Installing unauthorized software.

7. Violating copyright or intellectual property laws

8. Accessing unauthorized user accounts, servers, folders, documents, or files

9. Sharing district passwords

10. Unauthorized access of another employee's email account

11. Using e-mail or network for commercial gain unrelated to the performance of District job duties

12. Transmission of any message or file that potentially causes a disruption to the workplace, classroom, or to District operations

13. Damaging computers, mobile devices, computer systems, network or data

14. Transmitting confidential information about students, employees, or district operations without authority

15. Use of technology that results in disruption or distraction from the performance of job duties

16. Use of personal social media accounts to connect or communicate with current District students.

17. Personal devices such as printers and laptops are not supported by the district and will not be recycled.

Email Retention Policy

Email Accounts, Retention and Deletion: The Saratoga Union School District will provide district email to all SUSD staff. District email is not provided to external contractors or volunteers, unless approved by superintendent. External contractors are expected to use his or her company or personal email when corresponding with district employees.

The Saratoga Union School District encourages employees to correspond via email where appropriate to facilitate efficient communications. However, it is recommended district email be used for solely for district business as the district remains the owner of all email correspondence.

Email is not to be used as a document retention system. Any email one wishes to retain must be transferred to a document and archived as a document.

Email Archiving: All district email is retained for a period of 18 months. After 18 months, emails older than this period will be purged from the email archiving system and will not be retrievable. The district will remain the owner of archived email and said email will not be made available to any employee except the Superintendent or his/her designee. Archived email is not a mechanism for retrieving emails deleted by accident or choice.

In the event that User believes that any e-mail message or attachment may possibly constitute potential evidence in a pending or future legal matter, User agrees to notify his/her supervisor within five (5) business days of sending/receipt of the e-mail, or upon learning that an e-mail may constitute potential evidence, for the purposes of complying with all retention requirements under the law.

Employees choosing to receive voicemail to email are aware all voice mails sent to email will be archived.

Email support for retiring or resigning employees: Employees retiring or resigning from the district will have access to SUSD email for the duration of 10 working days following the effective date of retirement/resignation. After 10 working days, retirees or resigning employee's email will be terminated. Email of retired or resigned employees will be archived as above for a period of 18 months. Archived email will not be made available to retired or resigned employees and will remain the property of The Saratoga Union School District Email support for employees terminated for a reason other than retirement or resignation: Email support for terminated employees will be disabled immediately upon the effective date of employee termination. Email of terminated employees will be archived as above for a period of 18 months. Archived email will not be made available to terminated employees and will remain the property of The Saratoga Union School District.


adopted: February 9, 2016 Saratoga, California