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Facilities Master Plan   

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The Board of Trustees recognizes the importance of long-range planning for District facilities in order to address changes in student enrollment and in the school's educational program needs. The Superintendent or designee shall develop, for Board approval, a master plan for District facilities which describes the school's anticipated short- and long-term facilities needs and priorities.

Plan Development

The District's facilities master plan shall be based on an assessment of the condition and adequacy of existing facilities, a projection of future enrollments, and alignment of facilities with the school's vision for the instructional program.

To solicit broad input into the planning process, the Superintendent or designee may establish a facilities advisory committee consisting of staff, parents/guardians, and business, local government, and other community representatives. He/she also shall ensure that the public is informed of the need for construction and modernization of facilities and of the District's plans for facilities.

At least 45 days prior to completion of any facilities plan that relates to the potential expansion of existing school sites or the necessity to acquire additional school sites, the Superintendent or designee shall notify and provide copies of the plan or any relevant and available information to the planning commission or agency of the city or county with land use jurisdiction within the District. (Government Code 65352.2)

If the city or county commission or agency requests a meeting, the Superintendent or designee shall meet with the commission or agency within 15 days following the notification. Items that the parties may discuss at the meeting include, but are not limited to, methods of coordinating planning with proposed revitalization efforts and recreation and park programs, options for new school sites, methods of maximizing the safety of persons traveling to and from the site, and opportunities for financial assistance. (Government Code 65352.2)

The master plan shall be regularly reviewed and updated as necessary to reflect changes in the educational program, existing facilities, finances, or demographic data.

Plan Components

The facilities master plan shall include:

1. A statement of purpose, including District goals, philosophy, and related policies

2. A description of the planning process

3. Demographics of the community, such as economic trends, migration patterns, employment base, residential base, socioeconomic makeup, historical school enrollments, and inventory of physical resources and needs

4. A description of the educational program, such as grade-level organization, class size, staffing patterns, technology plans, special programs and support services, and other educational specifications

5. Analysis of the safety, adequacy, and equity of existing facilities and potential for expansion, including the adequacy of classrooms, school cafeterias and food preparation areas, physical activity areas, playgrounds, parking areas, and other school grounds

6. Site selection criteria and process

7. Development of a capital planning budget and identification of potential funding sources

8. Policy for reviewing and updating the plan

Planning shall ensure that school facilities meet the following minimum standards: (5 CCR 14001)

1. Are aligned with the District's educational goals and objectives

2. Provide for maximum site enrollment at school facilities

3. Are located on a site that meets California Department of Education standards as specified in 5 CCR 14010

4. Are designed for the environmental comfort and work efficiency of the occupants

5. Are designed to require a practical minimum of maintenance

6. Are designed to meet federal, state, and local statutory requirements for structure, fire, and public safety

7. Are designed and engineered with flexibility to accommodate future needs

Plans for the design and construction of new school facilities also shall meet the standards described in 5 CCR 14030, green building standards pursuant to 24 CCR 101 et seq., the Americans with Disabilities Act pursuant to 42 USC 12101-12213, and any other requirements applicable to the funding source and type of project.

To facilitate the efficient use of public resources when planning for new construction or modernization of school facilities, the District may consider designs that facilitate joint use of the facility with a local governmental agency, public postsecondary institution, or nonprofit organization.


adopted: January 13, 2015 Sausalito, California