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Evaluation Of The Superintendent   

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The Board of Trustees believes that an annual evaluation of the Superintendent's performance serves to measure the district's progress toward established goals and objectives and strengthens working relationships between the Superintendent and the Board. Evaluations should provide commendations in areas of strength and recommendations for improving effectiveness, thus clarifying the Superintendent's role and giving the Board and Superintendent an opportunity to jointly identify priorities among the Superintendent's many responsibilities. Evaluations also should help the Board to set reasonable criteria for salary increases and/or contract extension.

Performance Objectives

The Board and Superintendent shall annually agree upon a limited number of objectives which shall be used to evaluate the Superintendent's performance. These objectives shall reflect established goals and needs of the district with regard to the educational program, personnel, operations, management, community relations, Board-Superintendent relations and professional leadership. For each objective, the Board and Superintendent shall identify in writing the activities to be performed, expected results and timelines, and resources or constraints which may affect achievement.

(cf. 2122 - Superintendent of Schools: Responsibilities and Duties)

Evaluation Process

Once a year, the Board shall rate the Superintendent's performance in each performance objective.

(cf. 9321 - Closed Session Purposes and Agendas)

The Superintendent and Board president shall examine dates specified in the Superintendent's contract and shall establish an appropriate schedule for the annual evaluation process and annual setting of performance objectives.

(cf. 2121 - Superintendent's Contract)

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adopted: September 14, 2000 Sausalito, California