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Interdistrict Attendance   

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The Board of Trustees recognizes that students who reside in one district may choose to attend school in another district and that such choices are made for a variety of reasons.

Interdistrict Attendance Permits

Upon request by students' parents/guardians, the Superintendent or designee may approve interdistrict attendance permits with other districts on a case-by-case basis to meet individual student needs.

The interdistrict attendance permit shall not exceed a term of five years and shall stipulate the terms and conditions under which interdistrict attendance shall be permitted or denied. (Education Code 46600)

The Superintendent or designee may deny interdistrict attendance permits because of overcrowding within district schools or limited district resources.

The Superintendent or designee shall establish a selection process which ensures that students applying through the program are admitted to district schools through a random, unbiased process that prohibits evaluation of whether a student should be enrolled based upon his/her academic or athletic performance. If the number of student applications exceeds the number of transfers the Board has designated for acceptance under the program, the Superintendent or designee shall conduct a random drawing in public at a regularly scheduled Board meeting. (Education Code 48301)

Because the district admits students in accordance with the school district of choice program, the Superintendent or designee may admit a student based on an individual interdistrict attendance permit pursuant to Education Code 48300-48316 only in situations of extreme need and upon the request of the district of residence.

The Superintendent or designee shall maintain a record of requests for admittance under the program that contains all of the following: (Education Code 48313)

1. The number of requests granted, denied, or withdrawn and, for denied requests, the reason for the denial

2. The number of students transferred out of and transferred into the district pursuant to this program

3. The race, ethnicity, gender, self-reported socio-economic status, and the district of residence for each student in item #2 above

4. The number of students in item #2 above who are classified as English learners or students with disabilities

The Superintendent or designee shall report to the Board, at a regularly scheduled meeting, the information specified in items #1-4 above. By May 15 of each year, the Superintendent or designee shall provide the same information, as well as information regarding the district's status as a school district of choice in the upcoming school year, to each geographically adjacent school district, the county office of education, the California Department of Education, and the Department of Finance. (Education Code 48313)

The reports to the Board and other agencies shall also include a summary of audit exceptions, if any, resulting from the compliance review of components of the district of choice program conducted as part of the annual district audit. (Education Code 48301, 48313)


The district shall not provide transportation outside any school attendance area. However, upon request, the Superintendent or designee may authorize transportation for students living outside an attendance area to and from designated bus stops within the attendance area if space is available. Priority for such transportation shall be based on demonstrated financial need.

Limits on Student Transfers out of the District to a School District of Choice

The Superintendent or designee may limit the number of student transfers out of the district to a school district of choice based on the percentages of average daily attendance specified in Education Code 48307.

In addition, transfers out of the district may be limited during a fiscal year when the County Superintendent of Schools has given the district a negative budget certification or when the County Superintendent has determined that the district will not meet the state's standards and criteria for fiscal stability in the subsequent fiscal year exclusively as a result of student transfers from this district to a school district of choice. (Education Code 48307)

The district may deny a transfer of a student out of the district to a school district of choice if the Board determines that the transfer would negatively impact a court-ordered or voluntary desegregation plan of the district. (Education Code 48301)


adopted: October 13, 2016 Sausalito, California