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Preschool/Early Childhood Education   

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When approved by the California Department of Education under the California State Preschool Program (CSPP), the district may operate one or more part-day and/or full-day preschool programs in accordance with law and the terms of the state contract.

(cf. 5148 - Child Care and Development)

(cf. 5148.1 - Child Care Services for Parenting Students)

(cf. 5148.2 - Before/After School Programs)

Eligibility and Enrollment Priorities for Full-Day and Part-Day Programs

Children eligible for the district's full-day or part-day CSPP program include those who will have their third or fourth birthday on or before December 2 of the fiscal year in which they are enrolled in the program. (Education Code 8235, 8236)

The Superintendent or designee shall refer to the county's centralized eligibility list to identify children in need of services.

Children shall be eligible for subsidized services if their family meets one or more of the criteria specified in Education Code 8263 and 8263.1. (Education Code 8235)

For a child to be eligible for the district's full-day program, his/her family shall, in addition to meeting the above criteria, demonstrate need for the services due to any of the following circumstances: (Education Code 8235, 8263)

1. The child is identified by a legal, medical, or social services agency or emergency shelter as a recipient of protective services; as being neglected, abused, or exploited; or as at risk of being neglected, abused, or exploited.

2. The parents/guardians are engaged in vocational training leading directly to a recognized trade, paraprofession, or profession; are employed or seeking employment; seeking permanent family housing; or are incapacitated.

First priority for enrollment in any CSPP program shall go to neglected or abused children age 3-4 years who are recipients of child protective services or who are at risk of being neglected, abused, or exploited, upon written referral from a legal, medical, or social service agency. If unable to enroll a child in this category, the district shall refer the child's parent/guardian to local resource and referral services so that services for the child can be located. (Education Code 8236)

(cf. 1020 - Youth Services)

(cf. 1400 - Relations Between Other Governmental Agencies and the Schools)

(cf. 1700 - Relations Between Private Industry and the Schools)

After all such children are enrolled, the district shall give priority to eligible children age 4 years prior to enrolling eligible children age 3 years. (Education Code 8236)

Additional Requirements for Part-Day Program

The district's part-day CSPP program shall operate a minimum of three hours per day but less than four hours per day, excluding time for home-to-school transportation, and for a minimum of 175 days per year unless otherwise specified in the program's contract. (Education Code 8235)

(cf. 6111 - School Calendar)

(cf. 6112 - School Day)

After all eligible children have been enrolled, the program may fill up to 10 percent of its enrollment, calculated throughout the entire contract, with children whose family income is no more than 15 percent above the income eligibility threshold. (Education Code 8235)

The district may certify eligibility and enrollment up to 120 calendar days prior to the first day of the beginning of the preschool year. After establishing eligibility at the time of initial enrollment, a child shall remain eligible for the part-day program for the remainder of the program year. (Education Code 8237)

Fees shall not be assessed for families whose children are enrolled in the part-day program. (Education Code 8235)

Additional Requirements for Full-Day Program

The district's full-day CSPP program shall operate the number of hours per day necessary to meet the child care and development needs of families and for a minimum of 246 days per year, unless otherwise specified in the program's contract. (Education Code 8235)

Fees for participation in the full-day program shall be assessed and collected in accordance with a fee schedule established by the Superintendent of Public Instruction. (Education Code 8235)

(cf. 3260 - Fees and Charges)

The district shall involve parents/guardians in the decision-making process to determine whether and how much to charge for field trip expenses and whether to require parents/guardians to provide diapers. A child shall not be denied participation in a field trip due to the parent/guardian's inability or refusal to pay the fee, and no adverse action shall be taken against a parent/guardian for that inability or refusal. (Education Code 8263)

Families shall establish eligibility for their children for subsidized services at the time of initial enrollment and shall provide ongoing eligibility documentation as changes in income or family size occur. If a child becomes ineligible for subsidized services, he/she shall continue to be eligible for part-day services, if available, or the family shall pay the full cost to remain in the program. If the need for services drops below four hours per day, the child shall be enrolled for only part-day services.

Additional Requirements for Prekindergarten and Family Literacy Programs

Prekindergarten and family literacy programs offered by the district prior to July 1, 2009, shall continue to provide classes in the attendance area of elementary schools in deciles 1-3 on the 2005 base Academic Performance Index. (Education Code 8238.4)

Such programs shall operate a minimum of 175 days for part-day services and 246 days for full-day, full-year services unless otherwise specified in the contract. (Education Code 8238.4)

Prekindergarten and family literacy programs shall provide: (Education Code 8238-8238.3)

1. Age and developmentally appropriate activities that are designed to facilitate children's transition to kindergarten

2. Opportunities for parents/guardians to work with their children on interactive literacy activities as defined in Education Code 8238

(cf. 6020 - Parent Involvement)

3. Coordination of parenting education for parents/guardians of participating children to support their children's development of literacy skills

4. Referrals to providers of adult education and English as a second language as necessary to improve parents/guardians' academic skills

(cf. 6200 - Adult Education)

5. Staff development of participating teachers in accordance with Education Code 8238.3

(cf. 4131 - Staff Development)

The district may select a family literacy and education coordinator to coordinate the provision of literacy services to families in the district and community, create an organizational partnership between the program(s) and adult education programs in the district or community, and promote parent/guardian involvement in participating classrooms. (Education Code 8238.2)


approved: February 11, 2010 Sausalito, California