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School Day   

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The minimum school day for kindergarten students shall be 180 minutes, including recesses but excluding noon intermissions. (Education Code 46115, 46117)

The maximum school day for kindergarten students shall be four hours (240 minutes), excluding recesses. (Education Code 46111)

The maximum school day for kindergarten students may be longer than four hours under the following circumstances:

1. The maximum school day for multitrack year-round schools operating pursuant to Education Code 37670(a) shall be 265 minutes excluding recesses. (Education Code 46111)

2. The kindergarten school day may exceed four hours, excluding recess, if the district has established an early primary program pursuant to Education Code 8970-8974 and meets both of the following conditions: (Education Code 8973)

a. The Board of Trustees declares that the extended-day kindergarten program does not exceed the length of the primary school day.

b. The extended-day kindergarten program includes ample opportunity for both active and quiet activities within an integrated, experiential, and developmentally appropriate educational program.

Elementary Schools

The minimum school day for students in elementary schools shall be:

1. 230 minutes for students in grades 1-3 (Education Code 46112)

2. 240 minutes for students in grades 4-8 (Education Code 46113)

For students in grades 1-8, the minimum school day excludes both noon intermissions and recesses. (Education Code 46115)

The above minimum days do not apply to situations in grades 1-3 in which the Board has prescribed a shorter school day because of lack of school facilities requiring double sessions. (Education Code 46112, 46113)

Secondary Schools

The minimum school day for junior high and high school students shall be 240 minutes unless otherwise provided by law. (Education Code 46141-46147)

The minimum school day shall be 180 minutes for students enrolled in a continuation high school, continuation education classes, opportunity school or classes, adult education classes, special day or Saturday vocational training program, or specified work experience program. (Education Code 46144, 46170, 46180, 46190)

(cf. 6178.1 - Work Experience Education)

(cf. 6184 - Continuation Education)

(cf. 6200 - Adult Education)

Alternative Block Schedule for Junior High and High Schools

The Board may authorize any student to attend fewer school days in any district junior high or high school as long as the student attends classes for at least 1,200 minutes during any five school day period or 2,400 minutes during any 10 school day period to accommodate career technical education, regional occupational center and program courses, or block or other alternative school class schedules. (Education Code 46160)

(cf. 6178 - Career Technical Education)

(cf. 6181- Alternative Schools/Programs of Choice)

Prior to implementing the block schedule program in which students attend class for fewer school days, the Board shall consult in good faith in an effort to reach agreement with the certificated and classified employees of the school, with the parents/guardians of the students who would be affected by the change, and with the community at large. Such consultation shall include at least one public hearing for which the Board has given adequate notice to the employees and to the parents/guardians of affected students. (Education Code 46162)

(cf. 9320 - Meetings and Notices)


approved: February 11, 2010 Sausalito, California