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Sausalito Marin City SD |  AR  6143  Instruction

Courses Of Study   

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Grades 1-6

Courses of study for grades 1 through 6 shall include the following:

(cf. 6146.5 - Elementary/Middle School Graduation Requirements)

1. English: knowledge and appreciation of language and literature, and the skills of speaking, reading, listening, spelling, handwriting, and composition (Education Code 51210)

(cf. 6142.91 - Reading/Language Arts Instruction)

2. Mathematics: concepts, operational skills and problem solving (Education Code 51210)

(cf. 6142.92 - Mathematics Instruction)

3. Social sciences: age-appropriate instruction drawing upon the disciplines of anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, psychology, and sociology, including instruction in: (Education Code 51210)

a. The history, resources, development, and government of California and the United States

Instruction shall include the early history of California and a study of the role and contributions of men and women, black Americans, American Indians, Mexicans, Asians, Pacific Island people, and other ethnic groups to the economic, political, and social development of California and the United States, with particular emphasis on portraying the role of these groups in contemporary society. (Education Code 51204.5)

(cf. 6141.2 - Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs)

(cf. 6142.94 - History/Social Science Instruction)

b. The development of the American economic system, including the role of the entrepreneur and labor

c. The relations of persons to their human and natural environments

d. Eastern and western cultures and civilizations

e. Contemporary issues

f. The wise use of natural resources

(cf. 6142.5 - Environmental Education)

4. Science: biological and physical aspects, with emphasis on experimental inquiry and the place of humans in ecological systems (Education Code 51210)

(cf. 6142.93 - Science Instruction)

5. Visual and performing arts: instruction in dance, music, theatre, and visual arts aimed at developing aesthetic appreciation and creative expression (Education Code 51210)

(cf. 6142.6 - Visual and Performing Arts Education)

6. Health: principles and practices of individual, family, and community health (Education Code 51210)

The adopted course of study shall provide instruction at the appropriate grade levels and subject areas in: (Education Code 51202)

a. Personal and public safety and accident prevention, including instruction in emergency first aid, hemorrhage control, treatment for poisoning, resuscitation techniques, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation when appropriate equipment is available

b. Fire prevention

c. The protection and conservation of resources, including the necessity for the protection of our environment

d. Venereal disease

(cf. 6142.1 - Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Instruction)

e. The effects of alcohol, narcotics, drugs, and tobacco upon the human body

(cf. 5131.6 - Alcohol and Other Drugs)

f. Prenatal care

g. Violence as a public health issue

7. Physical education, with emphasis on physical activities conducive to health and vigor of body and mind (Education Code 51210)

(cf. 6142.7 - Physical Education)

8. Career awareness exploration

Grades 7-8

Courses of study for grades 7 and 8 shall include the following:

1. Foreign language exploration (Education Code 51220)

2. AIDS and AIDS prevention (Education Code 51201.5)

(cf. 6142.2 - AIDS Prevention Instruction)

3. Parenting skills and education which address at least all of the following: (Education Code 51220.5)

a. Child development and growth

b. Effective parenting

c. Prevention of child abuse

d. Nutrition

e. Household finances and budgeting

f. Personal and family interaction and relations

g. Methods to promote self-esteem

h. Effective decision-making skills

i. Family and individual health

4. Social sciences, including the study of: (Education Code 51220)

a. The American legal system, the operation of juvenile and adult criminal justice systems, and the rights and duties of citizens under the criminal and civil law and the state and federal constitutions

b. Human rights issues, with particular attention to the study of the inhumanity of genocide, slavery and the Holocaust

5. Science, including appropriate application of the interrelation and interdependence of the sciences (Education Code 51220)

(cf. 6142.93 - Science Instruction)

6. Visual and performing arts, including art, music or drama, with emphasis upon development of aesthetic appreciation and the skills of creative expression (Education Code 51220)

(cf. 6142.6 - Visual and Performing Arts Education)

7. Applied arts, including instruction in consumer and homemaking education, industrial arts, general business education or general agriculture (Education Code 51220)

8. Vocational-technological education designed to prepare youth for gainful employment and/or further acquisition of technical skills in institutions of higher education (Education Code 51220)

(cf. 6178 - Vocational Education)

9. Career guidance designed to help students select a future sequence of courses relevant to their career desires and needs

(cf. 6030 - Integrated Academic and Vocational Instruction)


approved: February 11, 2010 Sausalito, California