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Sausalito Marin City SD |  BB  9011  Board Bylaws

Disclosure Of Confidential/Privileged Information   

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The Board of Trustees recognizes the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of information acquired as part of a Board member's official duties. Confidential/privileged information shall be released only to the extent authorized by law.

Disclosure of Closed Session Information

A Board member shall not disclose confidential information acquired during a closed session to a person not entitled to receive such information, unless a majority of the Board has authorized its disclosure. (Government Code 54963)

Confidential information means a communication made in a closed session that is specifically related to the basis for the Board to meet lawfully in closed session. (Government Code 54963)

The Board shall not take any action against any person for disclosing confidential information, nor shall the disclosure be considered a violation of the law or Board policy, when the person is: (Government Code 54963)

1. Making a confidential inquiry or complaint to a district attorney or grand jury concerning a perceived violation of law, including disclosing facts necessary to establish the illegality or potential illegality of a Board action that has been the subject of deliberation during a closed session

2. Expressing an opinion concerning the propriety or legality of Board action in closed session, including disclosure of the nature and extent of the illegal or potentially illegal action

3. Disclosing information that is not confidential

Other Disclosures

A Board member shall not disclose, for pecuniary gain, confidential information acquired in the course of his/her official duties. Confidential information includes information that is not a public record subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act, information that by law may not be disclosed, or information that may have a material financial effect on the Board member. (Government Code 1098)

Disclosures excepted from this prohibition are those made to law enforcement officials or to the joint legislative audit committee when reporting on improper governmental activities. (Government Code 1098)


adopted: March 11, 2014 Sausalito, California