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Environmental Purchasing Guideline   

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By developing an Environmental Purchasing Policy (EPP), the Sonoma County Board of Education will be a leader in waste prevention, recycling efforts, and in sustainable procurement within its programs of oversite. When feasible and legally permissible, this policy will provide the Sonoma County Office of Education and the County Superintendent of Schools with the ability to consider environmental, health and safety factors when purchasing for County Board programs and service along with traditional factors such as performance and price.

By incorporating environmental considerations into its purchasing process, SCOE intends to achieve three goals:

(1) Reduce the adverse environmental impact of its operations;

(2) Support the market for recycled and environmentally-preferable goods; and

(3) Realize cost savings resulting from better utilization of resources.

This EPP Policy provides that County Board programs will purchase, when possible and legally permissible, Environmentally Preferable Products and Services provided that they are: (1) available within a reasonable time frame; (2) cost-effective; and (3) perform to the requirements of SCOE's program intended use. This EPP Board Policy will augment, not replace, the procurement policy and practices of SCOE. Nothing contained in this policy shall be construed as requiring County Board programs to take any action that conflicts with local, state, or federal requirements

Product Standards which County Board programs should consider when purchasing products:

1. Reduce energy and water consumption and explore renewable and clean energy technologies.

2. Reduce the consumption of disposable materials, by reusing materials and by using electronic communication rather than paper when feasible.

3. Minimizing environmental impacts, toxins, pollutants, odors and hazards.

4. Source products that contain post-consumer recycled and biobased content.

5. Source products that are durable and long-lasting.

6. Source products that have limited packaging.

SCOE shall work to ensure that products and services meet or exceed the standards set by independent accredited organizations in order to be deemed environmentally preferable.

Examples of independent accredited organizations are as follows:

* Environmental Choice

* Green Seal

* Energy Star


* Power Smart

* ISO 14000

* Sonoma County Water Agency (water efficient toilets)

* ABAG (listings of Green Businesses)

Specifications, Solicitation Language, and Purchasing Regulation:

SCOE's Purchasing Division shall ensure wherever possible and legally permissible, that specifications, solicitation language, and purchasing regulations are amended to expand the use of more environmentally preferable products in all procurements.

(cf. SP 3301 - Environmental Purchasing Guideline)

Legal Reference:


8700-8707 Environmental Education

32370-32376 Recycling Paper

33541 Environmental Education


12400-12404 Environmentally preferable purchasing


County of Sonoma Green Purchasing Policy

City of Santa Rosa Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy 000-32

HUSD Green School Operations BP 3510


adopted: October 1, 2015 Santa Rosa, California