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Epinephrine Auto-Injectors; Furnishing to Authorized Entity   

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(a) Notwithstanding any other law, a pharmacy may furnish epinephrine auto-injectors to an authorized entity, for the purpose of rendering emergency care in accordance with Section 1797.197a of the Health and Safety Code, if both of the following requirements are met:

(1) The epinephrine auto-injectors are furnished exclusively for use by, or in connection with, an authorized entity.

(2) An authorized health care provider provides a prescription that specifies the quantity of epinephrine auto-injectors to be furnished to an authorized entity described in subdivision (a) of Section 1797.197a of the Health and Safety Code. A new prescription shall be written for any additional epinephrine auto-injectors required for use.

(b) The pharmacy shall label each epinephrine auto-injector dispensed with all of the following:

(1) The name of the person or entity to whom the prescription was issued.

(2) The designations "Section 1797.197a Responder" and "First Aid Purposes Only."

(3) The dosage, use, and expiration date.

(c) Each dispensed prescription shall include the manufacturer's product information sheet for the epinephrine auto-injector.

(d) Records regarding the acquisition and disposition of epinephrine auto-injectors furnished pursuant to subdivision (a) shall be maintained by the authorized entity for a period of three years from the date the records were created. The authorized entity shall be responsible for monitoring the supply of epinephrine auto-injectors and ensuring the destruction of expired epinephrine auto-injectors.

(e) The epinephrine auto-injector dispensed pursuant to this section may be used only for the purpose, and under the circumstances, described in Section 1797.197a of the Health and Safety Code.

(f) For purposes of this section, "epinephrine auto-injector" means a disposable delivery device designed for the automatic injection of a premeasured dose of epinephrine into the human body to prevent or treat a life-threatening allergic reaction.

(Added by Stats. 2016, Ch. 374, Sec. 1.)