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Reports - Every district employee shall report all damage or loss of school property to the Superintendent or designee immediately after such damage or loss is discovered.

Investigation - The Superintendent or designee shall make a full and complete investigation of any instance of damage or loss of school property. The investigation shall be carried out in cooperation with law enforcement officials when appropriate.

Recovery of Damages - When the person causing the damage or loss has been identified and the costs of repair or replacement determined, the Superintendent shall take all practical and reasonable steps to recover these costs. The district's legal counsel shall be consulted if necessary. Reasonable steps may include the filing of a civil complaint in a court of competent jurisdiction to recover damages from the responsible person. If the responsible person is a minor, recovery will be sought from the minor's parent or guardian. Said damages will include the cost of repair or replacement of the property, the payment of any reward, interest, court costs, and all other damages as provided by law.

Payment of Reward - The reward shall be paid to the party who provides information sufficient to identify and apprehend the person or persons subsequently found responsible for the damage or loss. If more than one informant provides information, the reward shall be divided among the informants. The Superintendent or designee shall determine who is entitled to what portion of the reward and shall authorize payment only after the accused party has been convicted or otherwise deemed guilty as a result of appropriate judicial procedures. The identity of the informant shall be considered confidential and will not be made public by the district.


approved: September 29, 1988 Bakersfield, California