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Local Educational Agency (LEA) Practitioner.   

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(a) A "Local Educational Agency (LEA) Practitioner" means an employee or individual under contract to an LEA Provider to furnish LEA Services to LEA eligible beneficiaries. All LEA practitioners except the practitioner identified in (21) below shall provide documented evidence of being licensed, certified, registered, or otherwise credentialed to practice in California as one of the following:

(1) A licensed physician,

(2) A licensed registered nurse, including a registered credentialed school nurse or a certified public health nurse,

(3) A certified nurse practitioner,

(4) A licensed vocational nurse,

(5) A licensed clinical social worker,

(6) A registered dietician,

(7) A licensed physician's assistant,

(8) A licensed psychologist,

(9) A licensed marriage, family and child counselor,

(10) A licensed optometrist,

(11) A licensed speech therapist,

(12) A licensed audiologist,

(13) A credentialed school psychologist,

(14) A credentialed school social worker,

(15) A credentialed school counselor,

(16) A registered school audiometrist,

(17) A credentialed language, speech and hearing specialist,

(18) A licensed physical therapist,

(19) A registered occupational therapist,

(20) A licensed psychiatrist, or

(21) A trained health care aide as specified in Section 51491(g)(1).

(b) Any person who is suspended from participation in the Medi-Cal program may not furnish services as an LEA Practitioner.

(c) An LEA practitioner shall provide services only within his/her appropriate scope of practice.

Authority cited:

Welfare and Institutions Code 10725

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(Amended by Register 94, No. 22)