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Operators shall design or redesign playgrounds, locate or relocate playground equipment and routes of access to and from playgrounds, and surface or resurface portions of playgrounds to comply with the following requirements:

(a) Section 4.2 of the CPSC Handbook - Critical Height

(b) Section 4.3 of the CPSC Handbook - Fall Heights for Equipment

(c) Section 4.4 of the CPSC Handbook - Equipment to Which Protective Surfacing Recommendations Do Not Apply

(d) Section 5 of the CPSC Handbook - Use Zones for Equipment, in its entirety

(e) Section 9 of the ASTM Standard - Playground Layout, in its entirety

(f) Section 10 of the ASTM Standard - Accessibility, in its entirety

(g) Section 11.2 of the ASTM Standard - Owner's/Operator's Responsibilities for Installation.

Authority cited:

Health and Safety Code 100275 Health and Safety Code 115725


Health and Safety Code 115725

Health and Safety Code 115735

(Added by Register 99, No. 52)