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Equipment and Materials   

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Operators shall provide playground equipment and surfacing materials that comply with the following requirements:

(a) Section 8 of the CPSC Handbook - Materials of Manufacture and Construction, in its entirety

(b) Section 9 of the CPSC Handbook - General Hazards, in its entirety

(c) Section 10 of the CPSC Handbook - Stairways, Ladders and Handrails (including 10.1, General; 10.2.1, Rungs and Other Handgripping Components; 10.3, Handrails; 10.3.1, Handrail Height; 10.3.2, Handrail Diameter; and 10.4, Transition From Access to Platform), except for 10.2, Stairways and Ladders, which is excluded

(d) Section 11 of the CPSC Handbook - Platforms, Guardrails and Protective Barriers, in its entirety

(e) Section 12 of the CPSC Handbook - Major Types of Playground Equipment, except for 12.4.3, Slide Platforms, which is excluded

(f) Section 4 of the ASTM Standard - Materials and Manufacture, in its entirety

(g) Section 6 of the ASTM Standard - Performance Requirements, in its entirety

(h) Section 7 of the ASTM Standard - Requirements for Access/Egress, in its entirety

(i) Section 8 of the ASTM Standard - Equipment, except for 8.6, Swings, which is excluded

(j) Section 14 of the ASTM Standard - Labeling, in its entirety

Authority cited:

Health and Safety Code 100275

Health and Safety Code 115725


Health and Safety Code 115725

Health and Safety Code 115735

(Added by Register 99, No. 52)