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Division 4.5. Environmental Health Standards For The Management Of Hazardous Waste. Chapter 51.5. Assessment Of School Sites. Article 1. Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Proposed New And Expanding School Sites). Sampling for PCBs in Soil from Electrical Transformers.    

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(a) The school district may choose to submit data for PCBs in soil from electrical transformers in one of the following reports: (1) the Phase I; or (2) the Phase I Addendum; or (3) the Preliminary Endangerment Assessment, in accordance with subsections (b) through (f) below. Based upon review of the Phase I, the Department may determine that PCB sampling data must be submitted in a Phase I Addendum or a Preliminary Endangerment Assessment.

(b) PCB transformer evaluation. If visual staining of the soil in proximity to a transformer is observed, or if historical information indicates transformers may have contained PCBs, the Department may require collection of soil samples to evaluate the possible contamination.

(c) Sample collection. Soil samples shall be collected in close proximity to the base of each pole or pad-mounted electrical transformer. Soil samples shall be collected at surface (zero to six inches, inclusive) and at a depth of two to three feet below ground surface. If PCBs from electrical transformers are identified in the soil, the Department may require additional step-out borings on the Proposed School Site to determine the lateral and vertical extent of contamination.

(d) Sample analysis. Initially, only surface samples shall be analyzed for PCBs using USEPA Test Methods. If PCBs are detected in surface samples, the samples that were collected at depth shall also be analyzed.

(e) Laboratory Quality Control. QC procedures specified in USEPA Test Methods shall be followed. The data shall be qualified in accordance with the National Functional Guidelines cited in section 69103, subsection (a)(3) and USEPA guidance cited in section 69103, subsection (a)(5).

(f) Data Submission. Data identifying concentrations of PCBs detected in soil samples collected from the Proposed School Site shall be submitted to the Department.

Authority cited:

Health and Safety Code 58012

Education Code 17210(g)


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