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Reappointment of employees with same employment date   

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The following general provisions shall apply regardless of date of employment:

As between two or more employees who first rendered paid service to the district on the same date, and who, following the termination of services, have a statutory preference to reappointment in the order of original employment, the governing board shall determine the order of reemployment solely on the basis of the needs of the district and the students thereof. Any terminated employee subject to the conditions of this section shall, upon request, be furnished in writing, no later than 15 days following such request, the reasons and basis of the needs of the district and the students thereof utilized by the governing board in determining which employee or employees shall be reappointed. This requirement that the governing board provide, on request, a written statement of reasons for determining the order of reappointment shall not be interpreted to give affected employees any legal right or interest that would not exist without such a requirement.

Records showing date of employment, whether kept by the district or by the county, shall be accessible, on demand, to any certificated employee of the district or to his designated representative.

In the absence of records as to any of the matters referred to in the two preceding sections, the governing board, in accordance with evidence presented, shall determine the order of employment after giving employees a reasonable opportunity to present such evidence.

The order of employment in all districts, when required, shall be determined as prescribed by Sections 44830 to 44855, inclusive.

The governing board shall have power and it shall be its duty to correct any errors discovered from time to time in its records showing the order of employment.

(Amended by Stats. 1978, Ch. 898.)


Education Code 44830

Education Code 44855