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School Facilities Improvement District; Issuance and Sale of Bonds   

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(a) If satisfactory bids are received, the bonds offered for sale shall be awarded to the highest responsible bidder or bidders, and the clerk of the board of supervisors shall prepare and certify to all of the proceedings on file in his or her office relative to the issuance and sale of the bonds, which transcript of proceedings shall be delivered to the successful bidder or bidders without charge. If no bids are received, or if the board determines that the bids received exceed either the maximum acceptable interest rate prescribed by the governing board or the maximum rate prescribed by Section 15353, or that they are not satisfactory as to price or responsibility of the bidders, the board may reject all bids received, if any, and without further authorization from the governing board of the school district or community college district in which the school facilities improvement district is located, either readvertise or sell the bonds at private sale.

(b) For the purpose of determining whether or not a bid exceeds the maximum acceptable interest rate, the interest rate of that bid shall be deemed to be the interest rate resulting from the total net interest cost arrived at by computing the total amount of interest that the school facilities improvement district would be required to pay from the date of the bonds to the respective maturity dates thereof at the rate or rates specified in the bid and by deducting therefrom any premium bid.

(Amended by Stats. 2002, Ch. 221, Sec. 11.)


Education Code 15353