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American Indian Education   

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(a) There is hereby created within the department an American Indian Education Unit, which shall provide technical support to, and proper administrative oversight of, American Indian education programs established by the state in order to ensure that American Indian pupils in California public schools are able to meet the challenging academic standards of the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (20 U.S.C. Sec. 6301 et seq.) and that those programs reflect the cultural and educational standards stated in Executive Order No. 13336, 69 Federal Register 25295 (May 5, 2004), relating to American Indian and Alaska Native Education.

(b) The Superintendent shall appoint an American Indian Education Unit Manager who shall oversee the American Indian Education Unit.

(c) The duties of the American Indian Education Unit shall include the development of clear, consistent, and effective operating policies and procedures that include measures to ensure that the learning needs of American Indian pupils are being adequately addressed.

(d) The department shall ensure that staff are properly trained in the application of the policies adopted pursuant to subdivision (c) and that the policies are consistent with the legislative intent relating to the California American Indian Education Program and with Section 11019.6 of, subdivisions (d) and (f) of Section 11340 of, and Section 11342.2 of, the Government Code.

(e) The department shall prescribe the following:

(1) The data that California American Indian education centers shall report on an annual basis in order to measure program performance.

(2) On or before January 1, 2011, and again on or before January 1, 2016, the department shall conduct an evaluation of the centers to determine whether to renew the application of each existing center or instead to approve an application to establish a new center.

(3) A description of the consequences for failing to submit the data.

(f) The department shall adopt policies that include:

(1) An equitable process that will be used to select centers that will receive grant awards and determine their respective funding amounts.

(2) Establish a prompt timeframe for disbursing approved payments to the centers.

(3) A monitoring process and plan to ensure that fiscal and program information reported by the centers is accurate and complete, including a process for corrective action and investigation by the department for noncompliance. The process shall be based upon consistent and equitable principles.

(4) The incorporation of culturally responsive methodologies in order to ensure that an optimal educational program for American Indian pupils is supported and maintained.

(5) Ensuring respect for the federal trust and sovereign nation status of California American Indian tribes.

(g) The Superintendent, with input from existing California American Indian education center directors, shall appoint an American Indian Education Oversight Committee by January 30, 2007, composed of at least seven educators, four of whom shall be California American Indian education center directors. If the Superintendent is unable to find a qualified individual to fill a vacancy in one of the four positions for center directors within 30 days of the vacancy arising, he or she may fill the vacancy with an educator who is not a center director. All members shall possess proven knowledge of current educational policies relating to, and issues faced by, American Indian communities in California. This committee shall provide input and advice to the Superintendent on all aspects of American Indian education programs established by the state.

(Amended by Stats. 2010, Ch. 249, Sec. 1.)


Government Code 11019.6

Government Code 11340

Government Code 11342.2

20 USC 6301 et seq.