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Standard Elementary SD  |  BP  3515.4  Business and Noninstructional Operations

Recovery For Property Loss Or Damage   

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The Governing Board desires to create a safe and secure learning environment and to minimize acts of vandalism and damage to school property. To discourage such acts, the district shall seek reimbursement of damages, within the limitations specified in law, from any individual, or from the parent/guardian of any minor, who has committed theft or has willfully damaged district or employee property.

(cf. 0450 - Comprehensive Safety Plan)

(cf. 3515 - Campus Security)

(cf. 4156.3/4256.3/4356.3 - Employee Property Reimbursement)

(cf. 4158/4258/4358 - Employee Security)

(cf. 5125.2 - Withholding Grades, Diploma or Transcripts)

(cf. 5131 - Conduct)

(cf. 5131.5 - Vandalism and Graffiti)

(cf. 5136 - Gangs)

(cf. 5144.1 - Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process)


When district or law enforcement officials have not been able to identify the person(s) responsible for the theft or vandalism of district property, the Board may authorize a reward for the identification and apprehension of the responsible person(s).

The Board authorizes the Superintendent or designee to offer a reward in any amount he/she deems appropriate, not exceeding $2,500. A reward in excess of $2,500 shall be authorized in advance by the Board.

The Superintendent or designee shall disburse the reward when the guilt of the person responsible for the act has been established by a criminal conviction or other appropriate judicial procedure.

Legal Reference:


19910 Libraries, malicious cutting, tearing, defacing, breaking or injuring

19911 Libraries, willful detention of property

44810 Willful interference with classroom conduct

48904 Liability of parent/guardian for willful misconduct


1714.1 Liability of parent or guardian for act of willful misconduct by a minor


53069.5 Reward for information concerning person causing death, injury, or property damage

53069.6 Actions to recover damages

54951 Local agency, definition


484 Theft defined

594 Vandalism

594.1 Aerosol paint and etching cream

640.5 Graffiti; facilities or vehicles of governmental entity

640.6 Graffiti

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adopted: January 11, 2011 Bakersfield, California