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Data Processing/Word Processing   

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Software Copyright

It is the intent of the Governing Board to adhere to the provisions of copyright laws in the area of microcomputer programs. In an effort to discourage violation of copyright laws and to prevent such illegal activities, the following guidelines shall be followed:

1. Efforts will be made to monitor computer use in order to minimize opportunities for misuse or misappropriation of computer resources and proprietary interest. Copies of copyrighted computer programs may not be made without prior written authorization of the Superintendent or designee.

2. Copies of computer programs may be made only when the copy is for archival purposes. These copies will be destroyed in the event that continued possession of the computer program by the district should cease to be rightful.

3. The reproduction of copyrighted software will not be made without the written authorization of the copyright owner.

4. When software is to be used on a disk sharing system, efforts will be made to secure this software from copying.

5. Illegal copies of copyrighted programs will not be made or used on school equipment.

6. Unless required by law, the legal or insurance protection of the district will not be extended to employees who violate copyright laws.

7. Any employee making an unauthorized copy of a copyrighted computer program is acting beyond the scope of his/her employment.

8. Any employee or student violating this regulation will be subject to disciplinary procedures.

9. Any person violating the exclusive rights of copyright owners

is engaging in an infringement of copyright and is subject to civil damages and/or criminal punishment.

10. The Superintendent, or his/her designee, is designated as the

only individual who may sign license agreements for software for schools in the district.

11. The Superintendent, or his/her designee, is responsible for establishing practices to aid in the enforcement of this regulation at the school level.

Legal Reference:


35182 Computer software

39651 Purchase of computer software without estimates/bids


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approved: September 29, 1988 Bakersfield, California