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Health Screening And Evaluation   

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The Governing Board recognizes the importance of identifying potential health problems at an early age. Early diagnosis and treatment of health problems may lessen or prevent permanent disability. In cooperation with the County Child Health and Disability Prevention and Treatment Program, the school district shall provide information to parents or guardians of all children to be enrolled in kindergarten regarding the health screening and evaluation requirements, services, and other benefits provided under the Health and Safety Code 324.2.

All enrolling kindergarten or first grade students are required to have a health screening examination prior to school entry. A certificate of health screening examination must be presented at the time of enrollment. If the parent/guardian objects to having an exam for their child, a waiver may be requested and signed by the parent/guardian.

The Superintendent or designee shall annually provide the County Health Department's Child Health and Disability Prevention Program with the number of first grade students, the number of health screening examination certificates, and number of waivers from the health screening examination requirement that it has received. This report, PM 272 "CHDP Annual School Report," will be sent to the County Health Department by January 15 of each year as required by Health and Safety Code 324.2.

Legal Reference:


302 Compulsory medical or physical examination of children

320 Legislative funding and declaration

321 Administration; minimum standards for approval

323 State reimbursement

324 Copy of results of screening and evaluation; reference for further diagnosis and treatment


adopted: March 21, 1995 Bakersfield, California

revised: February 10, 2015