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Standard Elementary SD  |  BP  6146.3  Instruction

Reciprocity on Standards of Proficiency/Graduation Requirements (Elementary)   

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Transfer out of the District

When a student transfers out of the district a statement will be attached to his/her permanent record showing which proficiency assessments, if any, have been satisfactorily passed according to the standards of this district. This brief statement will be appended to any permanent record which is sent to another school in or outside California.

(cf. 5125 - Student Records/Confidentiality)

Transfers into the District

A student transferring into the district will be given full credit for meeting part or all of the proficiency assessment requirements of this district upon verification by the sending district that the student met all or part of the proficiency assessment standards of that district. No challenge to such credit shall be made because of the possibility that the standards of the sending district may be different from those of this district.

Students who transfer into this district without proof of having met proficiency standards in reading comprehension, computational skills and writing are required to satisfy this district's proficiency standards in any of those areas not certified by the sending district. This requirement pertains to any student wishing to graduate from this district without regard for the student's age or achieved grade level. There will be no exceptions made for students transferring from nonpublic schools or foreign schools.

When a student who has been on an individualized education program in the sending district transfers into the district, the IEP team shall review the student's IEP, making no additional provisions beyond those specified in the original IEP without obtaining administrative and parental approval in advance. Since meeting proficiency standards may be part of the IEP, full credit will be given to the student for any proficiency standards which were passed in the sending school, but the student will be required to meet any other proficiency standards set by the IEP evaluating team. The intent of this provision is to guarantee that the transferring student shall not be penalized because of transfer into this district.

Legal Reference:


51217 Withholding diploma if student has not met prescribed standards of proficiency in basic skills

51225 Requirements for high school graduation and diplomas


3068 Review of individualized education program


adopted: September 29, 1988 Bakersfield, California