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Gifted And Talented Student Program   

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Cautionary Notice: As added and amended by SBX3 4 (Ch. 12, Third Extraordinary Session, Statutes of 2009), ABX4 2 (Ch. 2, Fourth Extraordinary Session, Statutes of 2009), and SB 70 (Ch. 7, Statutes of 2011), Education Code 42605 grants districts flexibility in "Tier 3" categorical programs. The Standard SD has accepted this flexibility and thus is deemed in compliance with the statutory or regulatory program and funding requirements for these programs for the 2008-09 through 2014-15 fiscal years. As a result, the district may temporarily suspend certain provisions of the following policy or regulation that reflect these requirements. For further information, please contact the Superintendent or designee.

The Governing Board believes that all students deserve an education that challenges them to meet their fullest potential. The Board shall provide gifted and talented students in grades K-12 opportunities for learning commensurate with their particular abilities and talents.

(cf. 0200 - Goals for the School District)

(cf. 0420.1 - School-Based Program Coordination)

(cf. 6000 - Concepts and Roles)

The Board shall approve a district plan for gifted and talented education (GATE) which meets criteria established by the State Board of Education for program approval.

The district's program shall be designed to provide articulated learning experiences across subjects and grade levels and shall be aligned with and extend the state academic content standards and curriculum frameworks.

(cf. 6011 - Academic Standards)

(cf. 6142.7 - Physical Education)

(cf. 6142.8 - Comprehensive Health Education)

(cf. 6142.91 - Reading/Language Arts Instruction)

(cf. 6142.92 - Mathematics Instruction)

(cf. 6142.93 - Science Instruction)

(cf. 6178 - Career Technical Education)

Identification of Gifted and Talented Students

Students may be identified for the GATE program on the basis of demonstrated or potential abilities in any one or more of the following categories: (Education Code 52202; 5 CCR 3822)

1. Intellectual Ability: The student demonstrates extraordinary or potential for extraordinary intellectual development.

2. Creative Ability: The student characteristically perceives unusual relationships among aspects of the student's environment and among ideas, overcomes obstacles to thinking and doing, and/or produces unique solutions to problems.

3. Specific Academic Ability: The student functions at highly advanced academic levels in particular subject areas.

4. Leadership Ability: The student displays the characteristic behaviors necessary for extraordinary leadership.

5. High Achievement: The student consistently produces advanced ideas and products and/or attains exceptionally high scores on achievement tests.

6. Performing and Visual Arts Talent: The student originates, performs, produces, or responds at extraordinarily high levels in the arts.

(cf. 0410 - Nondiscrimination in District Programs and Activities)

(cf. 6142.6 - Visual and Performing Arts Education)

Instructional Components

The district's GATE program may include special day classes, part-time groupings, and cluster groupings which shall be planned and organized as an integrated, differentiated learning experience within the regular school day. This program may be augmented or supplemented with other differentiated activities related to the core curriculum using such strategies as independent study, acceleration, postsecondary education, and enrichment. (Education Code 52206; 5 CCR 3840)

(cf. 5123 - Promotion/Acceleration/Retention)

(cf. 6141.5 - Advanced Placement)

(cf. 6146.11 - Alternative Credits Toward Graduation)

(cf. 6158 - Independent Study)

(cf. 6172.1 - Concurrent Enrollment in College Classes)

(cf. 6176 - Weekend/Saturday Classes)

(cf. 6177 - Summer School)

GATE students may regularly participate, on a planned basis, in special counseling or instructional activity during or outside of the regular school day in order to benefit from additional educational opportunities not provided in the regular classroom. (5 CCR 3840)

(cf. 6164.2 - Guidance/Counseling Services)

In addition, the district may provide specialized services designed to assist underachieving, linguistically diverse, culturally diverse, and/or economically disadvantaged GATE students to achieve at levels commensurate with their abilities. (5 CCR 3840)

(cf. 5145.3 - Nondiscrimination/Harassment)

(cf. 6174 - Education for English Language Learners)

The district's GATE program shall include an academic component and, as appropriate, instruction in basic skills for each student. (Education Code 52206)

The district's program shall support the social and emotional development of GATE students in order to increase responsibility, self-awareness, and social awareness and adjustment.

Staff development shall be provided to support teachers of GATE students in understanding the unique learning styles and abilities of these students and in developing appropriate instructional strategies.

(cf. 4131 - Staff Development)

Advisory Committee

The Superintendent or designee shall appoint an advisory committee to support the needs of the GATE program and to assist in program planning, implementation, and evaluation. The committee shall include the district's program coordinator, certificated staff, parents/guardians of GATE students, community members, and students as appropriate.

(cf. 1220 - Citizen Advisory Committees)

(cf. 6020 - Parent Involvement)

Program Evaluation

The Board shall annually review the progress of students enrolled in the district's GATE program and administration of the program using methods identified in the district's GATE plan, and may require modifications in the program as indicated by the results of this review. (5 CCR 3831)

(cf. 0500 - Accountability)

(cf. 6162.5 - Student Assessment)

(cf. 6162.51 - Standardized Testing and Reporting Program)

(cf. 6162.52 - High School Exit Examination)

(cf. 6190 - Evaluation of the Instructional Program)

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adopted: July 14, 2009 Bakersfield, California