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Standard Elementary SD  |  BB  9010  Board Bylaws

Public Statements   

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All public statements in the name of the Governing Board shall be issued by the Board president or, if appropriate, by the Superintendent at the direction of the Board president. No individual Board member should make public statements in the name of the Board or statements that contravene the policies and actions of the Board or that jeopardize the ability of the Board to act effectively.

Before voting on any issue, all Board members shall be encouraged to present to their colleagues whatever evidence they may feel important to the matter at hand. The Board shall fully consider the implications and relevancy of all information so presented. All opinions, reactions and positions shall be openly discussed, so that each member may understand all aspects of the issue before the Board decides the outcome or direction it will take.

When a Board decision has been reached, all Board members shall support that decision until it is amended or rescinded by Board action. Any Board member who may wish to criticize or oppose any specific Board action should do so only in a Board meeting.

No member of the Board shall release information from a closed session.

Legal Reference:


35014 Adoption of rules by the governing board for its own governance


adopted: September 29, 1988 Bakersfield, California