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Standard Elementary SD  |  BB  9250  Board Bylaws

Remuneration, Reimbursement And Other Benefits   

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Members of the Governing Board shall be reimbursed for all allowable expenses incurred in attending any meetings or in making any trips on official business of the school district when so authorized in advance by the Board. (Education Code 35044)

Health and Welfare Benefits

Board members elected or appointed to the Board are afforded benefits as listed below. Board members elected or appointed after January 1, 2010, may not participate in the health and welfare benefits program provided for district employees.

Benefits for Retired Board Members

Retired Board members may participate in the health and welfare benefits program provided for district employees under the conditions specified below.

Health and welfare benefits for retired Board members shall be no greater than that received by district nonsafety employees with the most generous schedule of benefits. (Government Code 53208.5)

The district shall pay health insurance premiums for retired Board members who served in office after January 1, 1981, and who have served a total of 12 years or more. These payments shall be made to the same extent that they were being made before January 1, 1994, and under the same terms. The district shall not pay any health insurance premium for the benefit of any Board member whose first term of office began on or after January 1, 1995. Any retired Board member, who was elected or appointed after January 1, 2010, will not be eligible to participate in the district's health and welfare benefits program.

Any group life insurance up to $50,000 in effect at the time of retirement will be paid as long as it is available from the carrier for that individual. Board members elected after December 17, 1990 will not be eligible for this benefit.

Survivor Rights

The survivor of a deceased retired Board member, whose deceased spouse had 12 or more consecutive years of service to Standard School District and whose deceased spouse was enrolled in Standard School District's health and dental insurance plans at time of death, may continue enrollment in those plans by paying the necessary monthly premiums in 12 equal checks each year, in advance. The premium shall be equal to the premium paid by the district for retired employees and Board members.

This provision shall be available as long as the district participates in the health and dental insurance package, and with the consent of the applicable insurance carrier.

Legal Reference:


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35120 Compensation (services as member of governing board)

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44038 Cash deposits for transportation purchased on credit


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adopted: June 17, 2010 Bakersfield, California