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Standard Elementary SD  |  BP  4212.4  Personnel

Health Examinations   

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New Employees

As a condition of employment, applicants for the positions listed below shall be required to undergo a physical examination to show that they are able to perform the duties of the position. A medical certificate showing that the employee is in good health and fit for service shall be signed and submitted to the Governing Board by a physician licensed under the Business and Professions Code.

Positions requiring preemployment physicals:

1. Certificated - physical education and industrial arts teachers.

2. Classified - cafeteria worker, custodian, maintenance worker, grounds worker and bus driver.

No person shall be employed initially unless he/she has submitted to a tuberculosis examination within the past 60 days to determine whether he/she is free from active tuberculosis. The tuberculosis examination shall consist of an approved intradermal tuberculin test. An X-ray of the lungs shall only be required if the intradermal test is positive.

Each employee shall place on file with the district a certificate from the examining physician showing that the employee is free from active tuberculosis. Persons who have not complied with provisions of this policy shall not be allowed to teach in any school of the district.

Persons transferring from another district shall fulfill the requirements of this policy by either: a) producing a certificate showing that the employee was examined within the last four years and found free of active tuberculosis, b) having the last employing school verify that a current certificate is on file, or c) undergoing the tuberculosis examination.

The Governing Board shall follow provisions of Education Code 49406(g) in those cases where an employee's religious belief prevents them from undergoing a physical examination.

Regular Employees

All employees who test negative on tuberculin skin tests shall be required to undergo a tuberculosis examination at least once every four years. This examination shall be provided by the district or at district expense. (Education Code 49406)

If the Superintendent has probable cause to suspect that an employee has an infectious, contagious or communicable disease, or an illness or ailment which would directly affect the health and welfare of students, he/she shall have the authority to require a medical examination administered by a physician licensed under the Business and Professions Code. The cost of such examination shall be at the expense of the district. (Education Code 44839, 45122, Code of Regulations, Title 5 Section 5504)

Employees whose mental health is in question may be subject to review by a psychiatric panel in accordance with Education Code 44942.

Legal Reference:


44839 Medical certificate; periodic medical examination

44839.5 Requirements for employment of retirant

44932 Grounds for dismissal of permanent employee

44942 Suspension or transfer of certificated employee on ground of mental illness, psychiatric examination; mandatory sick leave

45122 Physical examinations

49406 Examination for tuberculosis


5502-5503 Physical examination for retired persons for service as substitute teacher, etc.

5504 Medical certification procedures


adopted: January 14, 1992 Bakersfield, California