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Specially Designed Vocational Education and Career Development   

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(a) Specially designed vocational education and career development for individuals with exceptional needs regardless of severity of disability may include:

(1) Providing prevocational programs and assessing work-related skills, interests, aptitudes, and attitudes.

(2) Coordinating and modifying the regular vocational education program.

(3) Assisting individuals in developing attitudes, self-confidence, and vocational competencies to locate, secure, and retain employment in the community or sheltered environment, and to enable such individuals to become participating members of the community.

(4) Establishing work training programs within the school and community.

(5) Assisting in job placement.

(6) Instructing job trainers and employers as to the unique needs of the individuals.

(7) Maintaining regularly scheduled contact with all work stations and job-site trainers.

(8) Coordinating services with the Department of Rehabilitation and other agencies as designated in the IEP.

(b) Specially designed vocational education and career development shall be provided only by personnel who possess:

(1) an adult education credential with a career development authorization; or

(2) a credential that authorizes instruction in special education or vocational education; or

(3) a Pupil Personnel Services Credential that authorizes school counseling.

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(Amended by Register 2014, No. 19.)