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Article 8. District and School Advisory Councils. Advisory Councils.   

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Each participating school district shall establish a district advisory council and shall also establish a school advisory council at each participating school. Advisory councils established pursuant to this article shall comply with the ESEA Title I, law and regulations pertaining to advisory councils. These councils shall include broad representation of the parent population served by this district or school respectively including socio-economic and ethnic group represented in the district or school attendance area.

(a) If Title I services are provided to students in nonpublic schools, each nonpublic school system with such students must be given the opportunity to submit the name of a candidate(s) for the election of the district advisory council.

(b) A nonpublic system may establish advisory councils at its schools which receive Title I services.

(c) applications for funds under this chapter must contain a certification of participation in the Title I/SCE planning process as follows:

(1) District application-the district advisory council chairperson;

(2) School-level plans-the school advisory council chairperson;

(3) The District application-Nonpublic Schools section-a representative for the Nonpublic Schools.

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