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Alternative Program Options for Special Needs   

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(a) EIA funds may be used to carry out any or all of the three alternative special program options permitted by this section subject to the provisions of subsection (b).

(b) Program options permitted by subsections (c), (d), and (e) of this section may only be exercised if:

(1) The school parent advisory council has approved and the district parent advisory council has reviewed the implementation of such option.

(2) The school proposing to exercise such option is a school which is participating in the state compensatory education program.

(3) Not more than 25 percent of a district's EIA allocation is expended to carry out the program options authorized by this section and the schoolwide program options authorized by Sections 4500 and 4501.

(4) A schoolwide needs assessment has been conducted to determine the necessity of providing such option(s).

(c) Students who have been eligible and have participated in compensatory education programs in accordance with the objective criterion established by the district pursuant to Sections 4414 and 4415 may continue to participate in such services, even though such student no longer meets the objective criterion, if such student met the objective criterion in either of the two preceding fiscal years.

(d) In schools with more than 50 percent of their student from low income families (determined in accordance with Section 4412), students who do not meet the objective criterion established by the district pursuant to Sections 4414 and 4415, but who test below the 90th percentile (as established through the use of the appropriate test instruments pursuant to Section 4414) may be eligible to receive excess cost services in order that they may be assisted in reaching their full potential.

(e) If adequately documented in a schoolwide needs assessment, a Participating SCE school may use EIA funds to conduct a schoolwide project which is explicitly designed to provide assistance to the educationally disadvantaged students attending such schools.

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