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Assignment to Departmentalized Classes Outside Credential Authorization

Any holder of a credential other than an emergency permit may be assigned, with his/her consent, to teach departmentalized classes in grades K-8 regardless of the designations on his/her teaching credential, provided that their subject matter knowledge is verified prior to the assignment. (Education Code 44258.3)

Procedures for verifying a teacher's subject matter knowledge shall be developed and implemented by the Superintendent or designee with the involvement of appropriate subject matter specialists, including curriculum specialists, resource teachers, classroom teachers certified to teach the subject, staff assigned to regional subject matter projects or curriculum institutes, or college faculty. (Education Code 44258.3)

Procedures to be used for this purpose shall specify: (Education Code 44258.3)

1. One or more of the following ways in which subject matter competence shall be assessed:

a. Observation by subject matter specialists

b. Oral interviews

c. Demonstration lessons

d. Presentation of curricular portfolios

e. Written examinations

2. Specific criteria and standards for verifying subject matter knowledge by any of the above methods. These criteria shall include, but need not be limited to, evidence of the individual's knowledge of the subject matter to be taught, including demonstrated knowledge of the curriculum framework for the subject and the specific content of the district's course of study for the subject at the grade level to be taught.

(cf. 4115 - Evaluation/Supervision)

Whenever a teacher is assigned to teach departmentalized classes pursuant to Education Code 44258.3, the Superintendent or designee shall notify the exclusive representative of the district's certificated employees. (Education Code 44258.3)

(cf. 4140/4240 - Bargaining Units)

Assignment to Elective Courses Outside Credential Authorization

A full-time teacher with special skills and preparation outside his/her credential authorization may, with his/her consent and the prior approval of a district committee on assignments, be assigned to teach an elective course in the area of the special skills or preparation, excluding a course in English, mathematics, science, or social studies. (Education Code 44258.7)

The Superintendent or designee shall establish a committee on assignments, consisting of an equal number of teachers selected by teachers and school administrators selected by school administrators, to approve such assignments. (Education Code 44258.7)

Committee members shall serve a two-year term but may be reappointed using the same procedure as the initial appointment.

When determining whether a teacher is qualified for an assignment pursuant to Education Code 44258.7, the committee may consider the teacher's education, prior experience, observation by subject matter specialists, oral interviews, demonstration lessons, presentation of curricular portfolios, and/or written examinations.

Assignments approved by the committee shall be for a maximum of one school year, but may be extended by action of the committee upon application by the principal and teacher. (Education Code 44258.7)

Assignment to Special Schedules

The Superintendent or designee shall make every reasonable effort to accommodate the preferences of certificated staff when assigning them to schools with year-round or regular schedules. (Education Code 37616)

(cf. 6117 - Year-Round Schedules)

Full-time probationary or permanent classroom teachers employed by the district prior to implementation of weekend classes shall not, without their written consent, be required to teach for more than 180 full days during a school year or for more than the number of full days during the preceding school year, whichever is greater. No teacher shall be assigned to work on a Saturday or Sunday if he/she objects in writing that such assignment would conflict with his/her religious beliefs or practices. (Education Code 44824)

(cf. 6176 - Weekend/Saturday Classes)


approved: October 12, 2010 Bakersfield, California