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Chapter 3. Audits of California K-12 Local Education Agencies Article 3. State Compliance Requirements Proposition 20 Lottery Funds (Cardenas Textbook Act of 2000).   

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Determine the amount of the Proposition 20 restricted lottery allowance received from the State Controller.

(a) Verify that the allowance received was accounted for separately.

(b) From the expenditures of the Proposition 20 restricted lottery allowance funds, select a sample and verify that they were for instructional materials as defined in subdivisions (h), (m), or (n) of Education Code Section 60010.

(c) If any expenditure was not for instructional materials, include its amount in a finding in the Findings and Recommendations section of the audit report.

Authority cited:

Education Code 14502.1


Education Code 14502.1

Education Code 14503

Education Code 41020

(Renumbered from 19835 and amended by Register 2005, No. 3.)