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Mello Roos Districts   

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The Governing Board desires to provide adequate facilities in order to enhance student learning and to help the district achieve its vision for educating district students. To that end, the Board may order the formation of a community facilities/Mello-Roos district for the acquisition or improvement of school facilities when, in the Board's judgment, it is advisable and in the best interest of district students and the community.

(cf. 7110 - Facilities Master Plan)

(cf. 7111 - Evaluating Existing Buildings)

(cf. 7210 - Facilities Financing)

(cf. 7211 - Developer Fees)

(cf. 7213 - School Facilities Improvement Districts)

Prior to forming a community facilities district, the Board shall consider and adopt local goals and policies that include the following elements: (Government Code 53312.7)

1. The priority that various facilities shall have for financing through the community facilities district, including public facilities to be owned and operated by other public agencies and services to be provided by other public agencies

2. The credit quality to be required of bond issues and criteria to be used in evaluating the credit quality

3. Steps by which prospective property purchasers will be fully informed about their related taxpaying obligations

4. Criteria for evaluating the equity of tax allocation formulas, including desirable and maximum amounts of special tax to be levied against any parcel

5. Definitions, standards, and assumptions to be used in appraisals required by Government Code 53345.8

(cf. 5116 - School Attendance Boundaries)

The Board may initiate the proceedings to establish a community facilities district. In addition, the Board shall initiate such proceedings when any two Board members have filed a written request or a specified percentage of voters or landowners have filed a petition requesting such a district be formed. (Government Code 53317)

Upon Board action to form a community facilities district or receipt of a petition or request, the Board shall adopt a resolution of intention and conduct a hearing in accordance with law. The resolution shall fix the time and place for holding a public hearing on the establishment of the community facilities district which shall be within 30-60 days after the adoption of the resolution. Notice of the hearing shall be given by publishing a copy of the resolution of intention in a newspaper of general circulation pursuant to Government Code 6061, starting at least seven days before the hearing, and shall include the requirements specified in Government Code 53322 and 53322.4. (Government Code 53321, 53322, 53322.4)

If, after the hearing, the Board determines to establish a community facilities district, the Board shall adopt a resolution of formation in accordance with law. (Government Code 53325, 53325.1)

Upon approval by two-thirds of the voters in the proposed community facilities district, the tax may be levied. The proceeds of any bonds, notes, or other securities issued pursuant to the Mello-Roos Community Facilities Act shall be deposited or invested in accordance with Government Code 53356.03.

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adopted: November 18, 2008 Bakersfield, California