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Standard Elementary SD  |  AR  4361  Personnel


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Failure to Return to Service After Leave

In the case of a certificated employee who was on leave of absence for 20 or more consecutive working days after April 30 of the previous school year, the district may terminate the employment of such an employee if all of the following circumstances exist: (Education Code 44842)

1. The employee fails to report for duty, without good cause, at the beginning of the school year after having notified the Governing Board of his/her intention to remain in service with the district in accordance with Education Code 44842.

2. The district had specifically notified the employee, at least five days in advance, of the time and place at which the employee was to report to work.

3. The employee did not request or was not granted a leave of absence authorized by the Board.

(cf. 4112.1 - Contracts)

In any such case, the district may terminate the employee's employment on the day following 20 consecutive days of absence. (Education Code 44842)

(cf. 4117.4 - Dismissal)

Use of Leaves by Classified Employees

A classified employee may interrupt or terminate vacation leave in order to begin another type of paid leave without a return to active service, as long as the employee provides adequate notice and relevant supporting information regarding the basis for such interruption or termination. (Education Code 45200)


approved: July 14, 2009 Bakersfield, California