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Student Use Of Technology   

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Student Acceptable Use Agreement

The Stanislaus County Office of Education authorizes students to use technology owned or otherwise provided by SCOE as necessary for instructional purposes. The use of SCOE technology is a privilege permitted at SCOE's discretion and is subject to the conditions and restrictions set forth in applicable County Board policies, administrative regulations, and this Student Acceptable Use Agreement. SCOE reserves the right to suspend access at any time, without notice, for any reason.

SCOE expects all students to use technology responsibly in order to avoid potential problems and liability. SCOE may place reasonable restrictions on the sites, material, and/or information that students may access through the system.

Each student who is authorized to use SCOE's technology resources and his/her parent/guardian shall sign this Student Acceptable Use Agreement as an indication that they have read and understand the agreement.

Student Obligations and Responsibilities

Students are expected to use SCOE technology safely, responsibly, and for educational purposes only. The student in whose name a SCOE technology device is issued is responsible for its proper use at all times. Students shall not share their assigned online services account information, passwords, or other information used for identification and authorization purposes, and shall use the system only under the account to which they have been assigned.

Students are authorized to use the Stanislaus County Office of Education's technology to access the Internet or other online services in accordance with user obligations and responsibilities specified below and in accordance with SCOE's Student Acceptable Use Policy and AR (6163.4).

1. The use of SCOE technology is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use shall result in cancellation of those privileges.

2. The student in whose name an online service account is issued is responsible for its proper use at all times. Users shall use the system only under their own account username.

3. Students shall use the SCOE technology system safely, responsibly, and only for purposes related to education. Commercial, political, and/or personal use unrelated to an educational purpose is strictly prohibited.

4. SCOE reserves the right to monitor any online communications for improper use. Downloaded files, including files deleted from a user's account, may be monitored or read by SCOE officials.

Students are prohibited from using SCOE technology for improper purposes, including, but not limited to:

5. Access, post, display, or otherwise use material that is discriminatory, libelous, defamatory, obscene, sexually explicit, disruptive or could be construed as harassment or disparagement of others, bully, harass, intimidate, or threaten other students, staff, or other individuals ("cyberbullying")

6. Disclose, use, or disseminate personal identification information (such as name, address, telephone number, Social Security number, or other personal information) of another student, staff member, or other person with the intent to threaten, intimidate, harass, or ridicule that person

7. Encourage the use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco, or promote unethical practices or any activity prohibited by law or SCOE Board Policy.

8. Infringe on copyright, license, trademark, patent, or other intellectual property rights.

9. Intentionally disrupt or harm SCOE technology or other SCOE operations (such as vandalism or SCOE equipment or materials, placing a virus or changing settings on SCOE technology)

10. Install unauthorized software and hardware

11. "Hack" into the system to manipulate SCOE data or other user data

12. Engage in or promote any practice that is unethical or violates any law or SCOE Board Policy, administrative regulation, or SCOE practice.

Personally Owned Devices

If a student uses a personally owned device to access SCOE technology, he/she shall abide by all applicable SCOE's Board policies, administrative regulations, and this Acceptable Use Agreement. The device, and any communications sent or received, may be subject to disclosure pursuant to a lawful subpoena or public records request.


If a student becomes aware of any security problem (such as any compromise of the confidentiality of any login or account information) or misuse of SCOE technology, he/she shall immediately report such information to the teacher or other SCOE personnel.

Consequences for Violation

The County Superintendent or designee shall make all decisions regarding whether or not a user has violated these regulations and may deny, revoke, or suspend a user's access at any time. The decision of the site administrator or designee shall be final. Violations of the law, SCOE Board policy, or this agreement may result in revocation of a student's access to SCOE technology and/or discipline, up to and including suspension or expulsion. In addition, violations of the law, SCOE's Board policy, or this agreement may be reported to law enforcement agencies as appropriate.

Student Acknowledgment

I have received, read, understand, and agree to abide by this Student Acceptable Use Agreement, other applicable laws, SCOE policies and regulations governing the use of SCOE technology. I understand there is no expectation of privacy when using SCOE technology. I further understand any violation may result in loss of user privileges, disciplinary action, and/or appropriate legal action.


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Parent or Legal Guardian Acknowledgment

If the student is under 18 years of age, a parent/guardian must also read and sign the agreement.

As the parent/guardian of the above-named student, I have read, understand, and agree that my child shall comply with the terms of the Acceptable Use Agreement. By signing this Agreement, I give permission for my child to use SCOE's technology and/or to access the school's computer network and the Internet. I understand that, SCOE despite SCOE's best efforts, it is impossible for the school to restrict access to all offensive and controversial materials.

I agree to release from liability, indemnify, and hold harmless the school, SCOE, and SCOE personnel against all claims, damages, and costs that may result from my child's use of SCOE technology or the failure of any technology protection measures used by SCOE. Further, I accept full responsibility for supervision of my child's use of his/her access account if and when such access is not in the school setting.

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