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Contract Signature Blocks

All contracts or agreements prepared by the Stanislaus County Office of Education shall include an approved signature block. The approved signature block is shown below. All departmental and division signatures and approvals shall be placed in the signature block. Human Resources department review shall not be necessary when the contract is not for Human Resources services.

Don Gatti, Contract Officer for the __________________________Name, Title

Stanislaus County Office of Education


Business, Agency or Contractor




Account Number Department/Core Leadership Team Officer Approval

Human Resources Dept. Approval Budget Approval

Division and departmental approval of contracts or agreements that are not initiated in the Stanislaus County Office of Education are to have a contract approval form attached to them by the initiating party. The contract shall not be signed by the authorized contract officer unless the contract approval form has been signed by the appropriate personnel. The contract approval form is shown below.

This form must be completed, signed and attached with a paper clip to any contract, agreement, or report that is to be signed by the contract officer. Human Resources office approval is not required if the contract does not involve the employment of personnel. Budget office approval is not required if the contract is the result of a previously authorized purchase order.


Name of contracting agency


Department Department Approval

Account Number Division Approval

Budget Office Approval Human Resources Office Approval


The contract officer for the Stanislaus County Office of Education shall be the County Superintendent of Schools or designee, Assistant Superintendent of Business. A contract officer should not sign any contract that does not have the written authorization of a CORE Team administrator.

In those cases when a contract must be signed immediately and neither of the contract offices will be available before the due date of the contract, an Assistant Superintendent, may sign a contract if the contract is for a division other than their own.


version: July 31, 2006 Modesto, California