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Management Employees Longevity Pay   

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The Stanislaus County Office of Education will pay a longevity award added to the regular salary of members of the Certificated Management, Classified Management, CFS Certificated/Program Management, CFS Classified Management, and Confidential staff based on complete years of classified service with the County Office. Employees receiving service credit based on employment with Stanislaus County while providing direct service to the County Office prior to July 1, 2000, may continue receiving such service credit. Longevity pay will be provided according to the following criteria:

1. Upon beginning 5 years of service, $1,500 per year

2. Upon beginning 10 years of service, $2,000 per year

3. Upon beginning 15 years of service, $2,500 per year

4. Upon beginning 20 years of service, $3,000 per year

5. Upon beginning 25 years of service, $3,500 per year

6. Upon beginning 30 years of service, $4,000 per year


adopted: February 4, 2003 Modesto, California

revised: June 24, 2015

revised: July 1, 2019